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Opera 7.6 Preview 1 (gmail works!)
Oscar Giner
Member #2,207
April 2002

You can download a preview of Opera 7.6 for windows or *n*x :) The good news for me is that gmail works. (but don't forget that this is a preview version. Is it recommended you don't install it in the same folder as your current Opera).

You'll only have problems with the login (so better check the Don't ask for my password for 2 weeks checkbox). What you need to need to do in order to login is:

  • click on sign in anyway ::)

  • disable JavaScript (you can do this fast unchecking Tools->QuickPreferences->Enable Javascript in the menu)

  • login

  • enable JavaScript

  • click on click here to continue

If you checked Don't ask for my password for 2 weeks you won't need to do this again, unless you don't access you account in 2 weeks.

added login step. disabling and just after that enabling again JavaScript didn't make any sense :P

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December 2001

Opera kinda supports javascript?? Sweet!!!

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