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My LD48 entry - Infected!
Krzysztof Kluczek
Member #4,191
January 2004

Here is my game made for LD48 contest. Your task is to travel through veins and shoot various viruses. It's a bit buggy and it's rather small fraction of what I've intended do make, but I think it turned rather nice. Any comments will be much appreciated. :)

Mouse - aim
LMB - shoot
W,A,S,D - move

- Fully OpenGL (using AllegroGL - thanks Bob!) :)
- XM music via DUMB
- Z-scroller shooter engine with tunnel morphing
- 5 races of viruses (each available in 5 colors)
- upgradeable weapon
- weapon, health and score powerups

Known bugs/things to be corrected:
- Game state isn't reset properly when starting after gameover :P
- Small bug in rendering menu
- Small bug in level description (missing weapon powerups at beginning)
- Inaccurate rendering at vein segments joints
- Another small rendering bug
- Usage of Allegro debug version (I haven't time to download CVS version of AllegroGL and used Bob's debug win.c)
- Usage of basic OpenGL calls (display lists/vertex buffers needed)
- Usage of Allegro 3D math (has anybody said it can't be used with OpenGL? ;D Anyway, I think OpenGL matrices would do better)
- Need more different virus types
- Need more levels with better design
- Need more weapons/powerups

Download (Win binary + data + source) (about 1.7 MB)

Project page (with my worklog)
Enjoy! :)

Member #1,493
September 2001

Wow. Great... The tunnel effect alone is neat... and this in the short amount of time... well done!

On a sidenote, I just found this and thought you might be interested:

There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.

Krzysztof Kluczek
Member #4,191
January 2004

Thanks! :)


On a sidenote, I just found this and thought you might be interested:

Nice screenshot. Although it's very different from mine (and looks way better). But well, it's my first game using OpenGL. ;D

Member #1,786
December 2001

I couldnt get it to run in linux, dont know why. For future reference, use forward slashes to seperate directories instead of "\\".

I tried to debug the game, but it crashed in seemingly random places which probably means a memory leak.

Member #1,111
March 2001

Works for me and runs nice. Good work! One thing I did notice, if you rotate the view all the way to the left/right, and then (possibly) look up/down, you can see the slices being removed from the tunnel. Just in case you are going to continue working on it. :)

Member #1,468
August 2001

I died, waited a while (a few seconds -- I was lucky, I guess), and ran into a health box (well, weird spinny donut thing) then started playing again several times. Probably should have disabled powerups after death. This is actually the worst part of the game, imo -- if you can't die, then a high-score game loses flavor way too quickly.

My minor complaint list is somewhat longer: Also, more feedback as to when you're hitting / hit would be nice -- some screen flicker and explosions, although it's understandable not to have time to do this in a 48 hour. And crosshairs would be cool -- it's a bit strange to aim without them. And I was sure I was hitting an enemy at several times when the game didn't seem to be recording hits. And the pacing is somewhat off; the game was rather boring in the beginning as I could just chill out on the wall and fire randomly and seem not to lose health ... but maybe I was just lucky. Finally, since the rules asked for a game "involving the spread of something" it would have been cool to see that a bit more -- maybe replicating germs or something.
Edit: Oh, and highscores should be saved to file and re-read, so as to persist across plays.

All that aside, it's a cool game. Great turnout for a short compo like this, and a nice first effort in OGL too :). As SC said the tunnel is really cool, and furthermore I'm impressed by the completeness of the game; a high score and health and death and menu and etc -- all the key features for usability are there. You should be proud :)

Krzysztof Kluczek
Member #4,191
January 2004

kazzmir: I know... Linux is unfortunately completely unsupported - I haven't time to think about this (wasn't sure if slashes would do with fopen) and my Linux installation isn't prepared to handle OpenGL. Also there was not enough time to do any Linux testing. :P I wasn't hoping for it to run under Linux but thanks for trying. :)

I'm going to work at this game a bit and I'm going to support Linux too. :)


One thing I did notice, if you rotate the view all the way to the left/right, and then (possibly) look up/down, you can see the slices being removed from the tunnel.

Thanks. :) I've already found it. It's the "Another small rendering bug" I've mentioned above. :)


I died, waited a while, and ran into a health box then started playing again several times.

Thanks! :o I haven't thought about this. When game is over input is disabled and I thought it was enough. I haven't thought about powerups. :P Well, I guess 48h isn't enough for me to make 100% bug-free game. I'll have to do some training before SpeedHack. :)


Oh, and highscores should be saved to file and re-read, so as to persist across plays.

I know. Highscore was done about 15-20 mins before deadline so there wasn't enough time to do it. :P

Member #2,633
August 2002

I'm dumb!... you should finish this game. It would be cool if you added some bloodcell (both red and white)... it would be interesting if the red blood cells were similar to "asteroids" (must be avoided or you will die) and the white ones were basically red blood cells with a small amount of AI.

Member #2,606
August 2002

Great job! This was the best of ld entries I tried, by far.

Member #3,136
January 2003

I get the feeling you were inspired by my website? ;)
Great game, but I found it very hard to actually shoot anything heh

Mark Oates
Member #1,146
March 2001

not bad! :o

some ideas:
1. explosions (small ones) and sound effects
...would be a lot more gratifying when you hit one of those suckers!
2. faster/slower speed going down the tube
maybe have some water effects like air bubbles that flow past you and speed up the game...
3. different directions to go

also, I had trouble shooting, and the targets had to be a certain distance before they would get hit.

other than that, not bad at all!

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