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Where can I find BMP sprites???
Frankie Napo
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November 2002

I need bmps for my games, but I'm bad with graphics..

Where can I find ready-made sprites???

Member #233
April 2000

There are a lot here.

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April 2001

Nice link, Vince.
Anyways, the best place to look is just everywhere. Do a search for sprites from a game that has the style that your game will. Rip the sprites, use them - and then just convert them to your own later.

There's tons of online sprite resourses. The only problem is you'll have to convert .gif or .jpg to .bmp yourself - but most browsers allow you to save as bitmap.

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March 2002

another link in the spirit of vincent's link:
or [url] is good.


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April 2001

If you search up "Shyguy's Kingdom" on google you'll find a really nice site that's LOADED with character sprites from a wide selection of games (mainly SNES if I remember correctly)

I saved about 20 sprite sheets from there.. very nice for filler graphics for the time being.. because programming a game with a stick man as your main character can be just plain depressing.. ;)

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August 2002

Try [url] for some rips and origional stuff

Specter Phoenix
Member #1,425
July 2001

Can you rip images from games for the PS2? If so how? I've got a few 2d games I'm wanting to "borrow" the graphics from to use in my game demos. Sorry to get off topic.

Member #2,636
August 2002

you probably can if you hook up a linux kit to the PS2, otherwise, you would have to use a digital camera and take a pic and then rip that way.

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jesse corrington
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May 2002

check out this site.
they have 100's of characters with animations, tilesets, backgrounds and music. They have stuff from all the old classics includin all of the final fantasy characters and tilesets.

my website

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September 2001

Who says that he need RPG sprites?
Everybody is suggesting RPG tiles and Sprites... but maybe he wants to code a shooter?

I suggest that you take a look at programs which allow you to create nice looking gfx :)
Like PoVRay [url], esp. in combination with a nice modeller (check for possible moddelers).
You can also use wings32 which is a nice lowpoly modeller. Then there's of course blender.
You can use any of these programs to prerender the art for your program.
You can also buy ari feldmanns book (do an amazon search for his name). While the book is not that good, it's your only chance to get spriteLib, which is a set of ready-to-use bitmap graphics.

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August 2002

Torbjörn Josefsson
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September 2000

Aaaah.. Methinks RailRunner will soon start to look pretty RPG:ish :)

Hey! It's better than no look at all, right!?

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