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C++ Wrappers for Allegro GUI
Dave Youcanthaveit
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August 2002

Hi there.

I was wondering if anyone knew of some good C++ wrappers for at least the allegro GUI if not all of allegro.

I've found some, but they don't compile under the DJGPP (with gcc 3.1) even, and I prefer MSVC. (They use multiline strings, for one.)

I also remember that a while back there were some C++ wrappers for the whole of allegro, but I can't find them anywhere on the net anymore... At least not with google.

I believe that good C++ wrappers could seriously improve the programability of allegro's GUI. As it is, even with a slightly less than simple dialog, my code ends up getting rather spaghetti-ish...

I'm trying to use the allegro GUI to implement a tiled map editor for my game, and I'm expecting around 5-10 dialogs... I've completed one of them and I'm not looking forward to the others.

Any ideas anyone?

If not the location of some C++ wrappers for the GUI, perhaps at least some tips at keeping things clean would be usefull (for instance, syncronizing a d_text_proc with a global string, without having to look up the control in the dialog).


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January 2001

There aren't any. About the only c++ wrapper that is out thes is for the 'basic graphics drawing'. But I think it lost a home, because it's no longer in the depot.

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April 2002

isn't Allegro a wrapper in itself (specific parts anyways)

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February 2001

Aren't games that use Allegro wrappers of Allegro?

At least some parts of them just use Allegro and do nothing fancy.

Nevertheless, you shouldn't forget that Allegro adds unique functionality as well, even if it just works as a DirectX wrapper.

Allegro GUIs in C++ sound a little better than the C dialogs: The whole polymorphism etc comes out much clearer in a C++ and helps a lot with developing user interfaces.

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January 2001

Yes, allegro can be considered a wrapper, but that doesn't mean that you're not allowed to make a wrapper for allegro. You can make a wrapper for a wrapper for a wrapper for a wrapper if you like it better that way;D

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June 2002

About the C++ GUI wrapper: I wrote one! Actually it's not yet finnished (about 90%). Now I just need to get myself a website and then I'll release it. It has (or will have) a few quite nice features like skinning support, a wrapper for timers, fully functional windows, a console widget, etc.

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April 2000

miran if the lib is really decent, I may host the file. I don't know how much room I have left though. I would love to see a C++ GUI lib. I was going to use lexgui... What I want is a better interface, and what I NEED is something skinnable because I don't want my game's GUI looking like crap.

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June 2002

I don't know how you define decent but I can tell you that it runs fast enough (on modern systems) it is quite stable and the skinning part is very flexible. There are just a few things that I haven't done properly yet (like windows). I call it about 90% finnished plus there's a lot of testing and bugfixing still to do.

As for the web page, I installed Dreamweaver just yesterday and I think I'm gonna be able whip something up in a day or two. I'll announce it on these pages.

EDIT: As promised I made me a website and released my library there. The lib is called MASkinG (Miran Amon's Skinnable GUI Library) and ou can get it here.

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