TINS 2023 - Rainbow Castle

Rainbow Castle

For TINS 2023


A snake must maintain your Rainbow Castle. For this you have something tools for fix and check the state of the castle, also you must protect your castle from intruders.
Always check the status of the castle, because less colour have your castle, the slower you recharge your liquid color.
Use your liquid color for fix your castle and recover foxes! You can gain much amount of scores!
You lose where you have out of color by total of 1 minute, or your castle lose 75% of color! Take care!


Left/Right Arrow : Move your snake.
Up/Down Arrow : Move to other floor. Only work in the pole lift.
Z : Shoot your color steam. Use it for fix your castle and recovery foxes.
X : Talk alone. :/
C : Recharge your color liquid. Only work in your command center.
D : Check the status of your castle. Only work in your command center.
Esc : A rage quit.


Genre requirement

genre rule #41: Fable: all characters are animals

Comments: Put animal characters in your game! If you want to interpret the rule literally, then you could follow the classic defintition of a fable: "A usually short narrative making an edifying or cautionary point and often employing as characters animals that speak and act like humans.".

Challenge 2.0, Interest: 4.17

Artistic requirements

art rule #18: Iridescence

Comments: Iridescence, a colorful, rainbow-like effect that you see in things like soap bubbles, oil slicks, seashells and butterflies.

Challenge 3.0, Interest: 3.5

art rule #32: All Dialog must be implemented comic-book bubble style

Comments: A comic book convention, speech balloons and thought bubbles are widely used in games too.

Challenge 2.67, Interest: 3.67

Technical requirement

tech rule #65: Implement a chart (bar chart, pie chart, any kind of chart)


Built with C++ using C/C++ code and Allegro 5 library.

based on Orchid Adventure and TowerLucky, replace almost all the code, so you could find useless residue from the previous game, or maybe not and all are clean.




From TINS Site

Only source codes, tested only in GNU/Linux.


For tarball:

tar Jxvf RainbowCastle.tar.xz
cd RainbowCastle

For bitbucket:

git clone https://bitbucket.org/rmbeer/rainbow-castle RainbowCastle
cd RainbowCastle

For compiling from both sources:

mkdir Build
cd Build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
ln -s ../Datos

Juego creado para RainbowCastle 2023 (2-5 de Junio)


El codigo fuente tiene licencia GPL y los archivos de datos tiene CC (BY-NC-SA).

Edgar Reynaldo

All your base belong to us. Your tar file isn't a proper gz, gunzip doesn't work, and your bitbucket errors out because it is private.

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