Mirroring site or uploading to new bb
Edgar Reynaldo

Or migrate all of the data to an off-the-shelf forums site and let someone else run it off that.

Still willing to do that?

Rmbeer2 has a forum setup. What would it take to migrate?


I also pay monthly for a server and domain I do very little with. All I have is on your gooogle shite that I can't access. Sigh. ;/

I mean, it's not like I don't have it backed up here on my laptop. I wonder if I also have a git repo of it somewhere..?.?


We've been discussing things on Discord, but it all comes down to your will great leader. Why don't you join us on Discord and let us know your plans Matthew. https://discord.gg/Swb3YrP9

Matthew Leverton

The plan was ... to replace you all with AI.


I must confess. I've never used Discord for anything. How about you giving me the cliff's notes GPT summary first of what you'd like to accomplish? I barely see the point of site-specific forums any more. A community hangout, sure. But I don't know that anybody really cares about hanging out on cool, stale, old-people technology.


I personally like this type of site. Yes, I’m stale, and old, and my Mom says I’m cool, but I prefer this site over Discord. Probably not enough to cover the overhead, or maintain the site ;D, but I can say it’s my most visited site.

As for Discord, I’ve been on it. I’m sure it’s the format of today, but to me it was like trying to ask a question and follow the responses in the middle of a group chat. Also, the first time I followed an invite, setup an account and Bam, I was in the thick of it. The next time I tried to log on and find my previous question / responses, it wasn’t near as intuitive. I’m sure I’m showing my age and/or ignorance, but I didn’t see the attraction.

In either case, I’ll ride this wagon until the wheels fall off. Thanks to those that keep it running.


Discord is good for replacing TeamSpeak and IRC, not forums.


I barely see the point of site-specific forums any more.

a.cc has simply to become so great (again) that is it a new medium in its own right ;D

Anyway, this is the best forum of the last 25 years. :-*

Edgar Reynaldo

I think the consensus is to migrate the whole site and edit it ourselves. We want all your bases to belong to us. Basically we want to clone you. We like your forums too much to let them die.

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