Import model from blender (New Feature)

Before I forget.

The best way to attract more people to Allegro is by adding compatibility with Blender, such as importing models with animations. I don't know if you should have a set of functions or an import/conversion tool to use it in Allegro.


Allegro doesn't have a way to manage models so it is not possible.

Remember that Allegro isn't a game engine.

Dizzy Egg

Could you use OpenGL alongside Allegro for blender models? Must be an OpenGL lib in existence…


Yes, you can. You need make a tool for convert the model and animation in something more, like a mesh in opengl, and something that can take the control of animations.

There was someone here who had done it, but I don't remember what his name was.

Edgar Reynaldo

Several people have working object file loaders. I have a mostly working one, and so does Mark Oates.

Erin Maus

Assimp ( is pretty straightforward. I use it in my game to import models from Blender. It's like a couple hundred lines of code to convert from Assimp's data structures to something that fits into my game.

Edgar Reynaldo

Erin Maus wins this thread.




Edgar Reynaldo

What I really need is a Blender tutorial for dummies, that ISN'T a video. I just need a cheat sheet for things like Extrude, Smooth, Subdivide, etc....:D

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