Site Slowdown?
Gideon Weems

How long has Off-Topic Ordeals taken ~23 seconds to load? I apologize if I'm beating a dead horse; this is new to me.

I also apologize for failing to keep the topic alive. If you know, you know...


The site is just not as stable in general. I can't even get the main page to load at times.

Gideon Weems

Well, if the whole thing goes under, gentlemen, it has been a pleasure playing with you.

Edgar Reynaldo

Hello Gideon,

Welcome to



I'm looking to clean up my old depot and stuff and I don't think I've even been able to get hold of @matthew.leverton :(

Edgar Reynaldo

Email m a t t h e w @ a l l e g r o . c c

Peter Hull

Wow Guilt that's a blast from the past! What have you been up to?


on-topic: I suggested Matt to upload the site to Gitsomething so we can help updating the site and keep it up. ::)

Every time doesn't work, I huddle in a corner between torrents of tears screaming that they are tearing my soul and breaking my heart, my life will not be the same, the world is paint to black, and rivers filled of blood, the sky turn rotting of eyes and laughts, all is a wasteful pains, i turn in all broken bones, swallow nails and razors to counter all the pain I feel.


If the site seems slow, it's because it can't handle the load of all the new users signing up...

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