Is there an IDE that is compatible with macOS that will autocomplete Allegro5 ?

Hi folks,

I was wondering if any of you folks know an IDE that would autocomplete Allegro 5 code that is written in C on macOS? I don't quite know how to configure Xcode for it. I'm not even sure if it's even possible.

I'm currently using Sublime 4. It's alright. I'm still uncertain how to harness the full power of it. I purchased it thinking it would be easy to learn. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do much.

I decided to write a Pong game. I've been meaning to write one for ages to test out my C skills. I'm moving back and forth from the documentation so autocomplete would vastly speed up the process.

I'm on macOS. I installed Allegro 5 through brew. I'm debating whether to install it from source to be able to configure with Xcode.



Erin Maus

CLion has good autocomplete, but you have to use CMake with it. CLion can automatically manage your CMakeLists.txt for a simple project so that might be ok for your use case.

Peter Hull

Xcode will do it, you just need to find out where brew has installed everything and add that to the project settings. There ought to be instructions on the wiki if there aren't already.

Another option is VScode, if you install the C/C++ addons it'll do autocomplete for you (I know it's not an IDE)

I've never used Sublime so I have no idea what it can or can't do.

[edit] I add page to wiki

Mark Oates

I develop on Mac, I strongly wouldn't recommend Xcode. I've never seen anyone use it.

Visual Studio Code is realistically the most popular option.

I use Vim on an iTerm terminal. It has some autocomplete plugins but, I just go by looking up the methods in the manual, tbh. I wouldn't recommend going with Vim unless you really wanna be in a lot of learning pain for a long time.

Sublime used to be popular, but most of the devs I knew that used it eventually switched to Visual Studio Code.

Edgar Reynaldo

Code::Blocks works on OSX. It has autocomplete.


CLion has become quite nice, plus I'm addicted to their tools through work.

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