TINS 2022: Pick the weekend


As you know, TINS is the most amazing recurring 72h game jam, and it's organized by (and for) the Allegro community. So who's up for another installment?

First we need to pick a weekend.

I've got a wide range of options this time. Basically June and August are on the table.

June 10-13
June 17-20
June 24-27

July 29-August 1
August 5-8
August 12-15
August 19-22
August 26-29

What do you think? I'll try to take into account your preferences as much as possible.

Mark Oates

For me, definitely not the August 12-15 date. The June 1-13 and June 17-20 are potentially not available to me as well, there's an open window for a family vacation during those times. Other weekends could likely work. :)

Edgar Reynaldo

I vote for August 8, as it's not moving weekend and nothing else is going on then.


August 8 looks good to me too.


I'll be quite busy this summer so, so I'll vote for:

August 5-8
August 26-29

Dizzy Egg

I'll upvote the 8th of August, got some new shaders I want to implement in a game so hopefully will be able to get something submitted.

Mark Oates
Dizzy Egg said:

got some new shaders I want to implement in a game

Nice 😎. Shaders are so fun


Anytime works for me.


Looks like August 5-8 is the clear winner so far. But I'll wait a couple more days before I call it.

Dizzy Egg

Shaders are so fun

They’re very cool, I like the mix of 2D pixel graphics with modern effects. I’ve got a night-vision and predator stealth-like suit working, I’m just working through getting a “Tiled” library setup, as I think it’s the best map editor out there.

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