Neil Roy

This is an old problem, but I just thought it would be nice if when I clicked on a link, that it opens up a new tab/window with the link rather than replacing this website with it. I've clicked on links without thinking and lost my place on

Edgar Reynaldo

Change middle click on your mouse. CTRL + click in a decent browser.


Yeah, I usually middle click, Ctrl-click, or right click and choose "Open in new tab". Left-clicking is for people that still use IE ;D

And then I middle click on tabs to close them, or press Ctrl+W. Lots of tabs going on.


I'm such a heavy tab user that I got a mouse with marco keys, and all the macros I set up are basically keyboard shortcuts for dealing with tabs.
I got a CTRL + TAB and CTRL + SHIFT + TAB for switching tabs, F5 for reloading, CTRL + W and CTRL + SHIFT + W for closing and unclosing tabs (sometimes I hit the close tab button by mistake) and two for page up and down because another forum I visits is designed in a why that I use those keys often.

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