Dave's Garage
Neil Roy

I just wanted to pass on this great Youtube channel. It's called "Dave's Garage" and it run by a developer who worked on MS-DOS and Windows back in the day. He actually invented the task manager on his own time and it was ultimately incorporated into Windows to this day. He wrote quite a few different parts of Windows. He has some interesting stories from back then.

The following is a recent one he posted on CTRL+ALT+DEL with some interesting info on it. I think the most fascinating is that it is hardware secure and if you press it to login, no malware can take over those keys, I didn't know that.

Anyhow, check out his channel, the guy apparently doesn't do the videos for money as I guess he has plenty.



Nice, I'm bookmarking it for later :-)


This is Dave according to XKCD: https://xkcd.com/612/

Neil Roy

Newest episode today is about the secret history of the scroll-lock key.



Oooh, the Scroll Lock conspiracy :-D

Thanks for the tip!

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