Happy Usagi [KrampusHack 2021]

I'm glad to present "Happy Usagi No Yuki Fortress, KrampusHack 2021 Edition"


The game is simple to play: feed your bunnies, and watch them play and run around. The happier they are, the more money you make, which you can use to buy various decorative objects, as well as more bunnies.

This improved version was made as a gift for Elias. Elias' wishlist asked for moss and ferns, something winter-y, and no humor. In this release, you can buy ferns in the store. Snow and a winter-y theme were already part of the game. I don't think I completely avoided humor, but I added a message so that at least you'll be warned. (I also had plans to add mossy graphics, and for the no-homor part, I had ideas for a game mechanic where you had to attend a sick bunny, but the year ran out before I could implement those).

Some more stuff I added:

  • Three new bunnies, one of which inspired by Elias' art style.

  • A special statue in honor of Elias

  • The game saves / reloads state, so you can play for longer

  • One new behavior

  • pixel-perfect mouse clicking

  • Improved menus

Before the start of the competition, I had in mind to make a game in D. (I did the advent of code in D to prepare for that). But this wishlist immediately made me think of Usagi again. So that clicked, and I think it was a good choice (apart from some minor frustration from having to use C++ again...).

Usagi has some game jam history. I started it for TINS 2016 and continued for KrampusHack 2019, so this game has been part of a lot of hacks already. It's definitely not finished though. I still have to make an android version...

What is going on with the image attachments today?


Thanks, this was a really nice Christmas present! I managed to get both the yellow statue and yellow bunny :D

I had completely forgot how to play since the last version so on my first several attempts I ran out of money before buying any bunnies and got stuck. Once I remembered what the Japanese button must do and invested in more bunnies early on money was not as much of an issue anymore.

I still don't really know how to affect things, the bunnies mostly seem to do whatever they want and not what I want them to do. But I think that's part of the charm of Happy Usagi, it's a bit like watching actual bunnies in a zoo.


I like the sound the Krampus statue makes.



SiegeLord, if I'm not mistaken, there are some z-order glitches in the big boxes in the stairs in the front, right? I'll make a note to fix that.


Yeah. However, drawing isometric graphics correctly without a z-buffer is typically impossible (maybe not in this case). I recall it being a royal pain in that RTS I made last year.


It's working fine. I'm not patient enough or doing what it takes to make money quickly. I'll try one more time !

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