Krampus GT [KrampusHack 2021]


A sequel to Krampus Z from a few years ago.

On Christmas Eve, Santa is preparing to load his sleigh with presents only to find that they have been stolen! With his trusty sidekick, Cyber Rude-Olf, he sets out to return them to their rightful place and save Christmas.


Also see options.cfg for controlling audio/mouse sensitivity.

  • Mouse/Left/Right - Turn

  • Mouse Left Button/Space - Shoot

  • W/A/S/D - Strafe

  • E - Enter/Exit vehicle

  • Escape - Quit


Fixed Windows Binary + Source
Buggy Compeotition Version Windows Binary + Source



I've only played briefly so far, but this is an awesome piece of work! A quality entry, very playable.

It's a 3D game on flat grid-based levels, a bit like Wolfenstein 3D (but there are some slanted walls so it's not completely similar). The way enemies spawn in waves reminds me also of Doom 2016. You seem to have made a solid engine in a short amount of time. How much of the engine did you already have in place before the competition?

Haven't reached the end yet, I'll go play it some more...


How much of the engine did you already have in place before the competition?

Basically none, actually! I had a few utilities from other places, but otherwise the game part was all from scratch.


but there are some slanted walls so it's not completely similar

I wanted to do fully vertical walls, but because the camera is behind the player, it would have clipped through and I'd have to solve that somehow. Instead, I just added the slants which made the camera not clip anymore.


I can't get past "Alluring blazes", the enemies are just overwhelming! And Rude-olf - ok the rockets are powerful but without the ability to strafe you're really just running straight into the crossfire.

Ok, I'll keep trying.

On the plus side, I found one secret with a blue armor piece.


The controls are a bit hard, but what a nice entry !

It has different monsters, I particularly love the cat, special effects, and upgrading level. A total Doom1 effect, but with santa. Good job !

Doctor Cop

Great game. Really enjoyed every bit of it.

Edgar Reynaldo

Wow SiegeLord. I'm floored. You did everything I asked for and more. I looked at your asset folder and you really put a lot of work into exporting those sprites and modeling stuff. A1 job, really.



Glad you liked it!

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