Open folders with special characters (ñ, ...)
alex glez

Some time ago I asked in this forum if it was possible to open folders with non-ascii characters (0-127) but they told me it was not possible.
I have a program where you choose the folder and load the images to process them but I can only do it if their characters are ascii,
so there is no unicode support. Do you know if this has been solved?

I use visual studio, windows 11 and allegro 5.2

I made the query on 06/12/2018

Thank you

Edgar Reynaldo

Look for win32 functions that allow you to load unicode filenames. That's my best advice.

Chris Katko

Allegro is a skeleton crew right now so that's a very low priority for a normally games focused library.

What do you mean by "open a folder", you need the list of files? Or do you mean popping up a windows dialog box?

This looks applicable:

There should be plenty of non-Allegro related questions/answers on this topic on StackOverflow since it's a more general problem.


When's the last time you tried this? Since about 2019-2020, Allegro got pretty-complete unicode support on Windows. I just tried it with the native file chooser, and it seemed to work.

alex glez

Hello everyone and thanks for the responses. My program makes the user open a folder with photos and then adds a layer to it, that is, a photomontage, but the user can have the folder with a non-ascii name and there is the problem.
The last time I tried it was in 2018, I will try again and if it doesn't work for me I will look at the win32 functions and the stackoveflow link.
Thank you very much everyone for the responses. I've been using the program for years and it works perfectly, with it I make about 800 photomontages a day at work, but I wanted to fix this problem.

All the best

Edgar Reynaldo
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