[LINUX Release 1.0.0] Not Afraid - fun with deployment

Hello, dear allegro forum,

while this summer is not depressive enough for an appropriate release of the game, so far I made a version just for linux. The strategy is following: collect linked .so files using AppImage into the folder of the game, and write wrapper script updating the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. This is the first time for me to create something c++ based to run on linux out of the box, so, I would be very grateful for the feedback about how it is run on your linux operation system.



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Best regards, theta_gd

Rodolfo Lam

Oh boy oh boy, this looked great since your original thread! Trying it once I get a few free hours! Thanks for the update!


I do not find an appimage nor a linux build in the tar.gz

Can we have a direct link to linux version please ?


Hi, GullRaDriel, I'm sorry if it's confusing, but please check/run NE_AFRAID_ENG_FULLSCREEN.exe from the tar.gz for example. It is a shell script just with .exe in the name.


Well, having it named .exe is confusing yes.
I'll try it tomorrow :-)

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