My Very First Allegro Game

Prior to this game I wrote a chess engine named RomiChess. A year ago I used QB64 to prototype this game. After a year of doing other things I decided to write the game in C and after using raylib for a while and not liking it all that much, Allegro5 was my next choice. And now that all the compiler problems I had are worked out I am very happy with Allegro.

Attached is the exe file. It needs to go into a directory with the DLL's and DejaVuSans.ttf. That should work. Right?

The game is pre alpha. Maybe even pre pre alpha. There is no game panel yet to set various option and no save game. Really no anything. But it is playable. The game starts off paused. Right click on space to unpause. Left click on space to pause. Look for the blue star "Sol". Sol is the human player's home star. Orders can be entered while paused. Orders are entered by clicking on an owned planet and moving the mouse to any planet in range. No need to hold the mouse down. Just click again on the destination planet. A send ships panel will pop up. There are many ways to enter the number of ships to send. Experiment while paused. Nothing will happen until send is clicked. Not all the functionality of the send panel has been programmed yet. The instant send radio buttons have not been finished as well as "kill", "chase" and "no retreat". This is the very first time the game has been playable. The game can be sped up or slowed down by pressing the + or - key on the number pad. Everything needs tuned up but it is not to bad as it is!

Have fun and comments welcomed!

NOTE:It only works in 1080p right now. And the monitor has to already be in 1080p. My bad I forget about that. :( I will recompile with 1920 x 1080 and reattach. Give me a couple of minutes.

Okay, a new file was attached and the other was unchecked. I hope this works. Gee I'm such a noob! :)


Note: there is an unspoken rule. No screenshot no download. Attach a screenshot to your post please.


Congratulations on creating a game, it's always a good thing no matter how small.

A screenshot will help attract an audience. Marketing is important :)

Also, I recommend to just pack the required font and DLLs into a single zip. Otherwise it's too much work. We all lead busy lives! You might run over the size limit of the forums, but you can always share it via a cloud folder like Dropbox or Google Drive.


The attachment is a screenshot of the beginning minutes of the game. The human player is blue in the upper left hand corner. Blue (I) got off to a slow start. Made a couple of noob mistakes. That little blue planet with zero ships on was just abandoned. That little sky blue fleet closest to the abandoned star is headed my way. It is either headed to that small star (a 5 producer) or to that larger star (a 12 producer) with 1033 ships. I sent the ships on the five producer to protect the 12 producer. I do not know if I can hold this start or not. If yellow does not attack me and I can defeat sky blue then there is a chance. I'll see about attaching a full zip file a little later. Right now I'm busy trying not to become lunch for some hungry aliens! :)


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Thanks! I don't know how do do that.


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Okay, I'll try.
It has been a brutal war. I have managed to get the upper hand in my area. Except then I had to flee from purple. Next I need to help yellow eliminate sky blue so yellow can make a stand against purple. Also I have to attack purple as often as possible to prevent purple from rolling the board. There is nothing worse than losing to purple people eaters. :'(

Oh well, I'll just assume the Humans prevailed because I have to stop having so much fun and get back to work.

Edgar Reynaldo

kingnoob, I believe your question about distribution of dlls is answered here :


first in a game or first in allegro?

I guess that screenshot belongs to a spaceship game, but what about chess? I also want to see it. :)


The game is progressing. The most time consuming part is play testing. And sometimes I forget that I am testing and I spend way to much time just playing for the fun of it. Is that wrong? Anyway, as far as I can think all that is left to do is the game panel and all of its functionality as well as add some music and sound effects. The computers play of course can always be improved, although it is already very difficult to beat the computer, as it is. And the computer players have no concept that a non computer player even exist. One planned feature is a production bonus or handicap that the player can select from the game menu. It is a very simple game. Not anymore complex than the game of Risk.

This is how an origin and destination star is selected. Window screen capture does not capture the mouse pointer.
Then after one left clicks on Beemim the send ships panel pops up.
Be careful if "No Retreat" is highlighted in red as one might be sending a fleet to their destruction for no good reason.:'(

That is all one needs to play the game. The only other panel that can be brought up by right clicking on a destination planet is the standing orders panel. If ships on the origin is greater than a set amount then a set amount of ships are sent automatically. And also a "bump" amount can be set to increase the threshold for sending. One cool feature is that ships can be sent to another player's star to help them out. :)

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