[KrampusHack 2020] Santa saves the dolphins
Dizzy Egg

Here is my entry for push32, "Santa saves the dolphins". The wishlist was:

1. A game with dolphins and whales...

2. ...that should be rescued from ocean pollution.

3. Safe for children to play.

Arguably there are more penguins than dolphins! But there are dolphins, and you have to save them. It should be safe for children to play, although they may not like santa falling in the sea ;)

The game is built for Windows atm, attached, I need to host the source somewhere...

The game is very simple; find the dolphins and feed them, whilst dodging the penguins (they'll steal your fish). Foosteps can be seen, so sometimes you have to wait for the snow to get heavier!

Keys are up/down/left/right/space.



I can not start it => FATAL: Failed to create display...

allegro.log => display E C:\LIBS5303Build\allegro5\src\display.c:55 al_create_display [ 0.23508] Failed to create display (NULL)

Mark Oates

Dude! This looks awesome. I really wanna play it.

Yes please host the source somewhere. Maybe I can compile it!

I love GitHub. I really do, it's one of my favorite pieces of software you should check it out.

I hosted the entire DragonWrath on GitHub here:

And I tagged an official release with Windows and MacOS Binaries here:

Plus, the homepage of the Repo shows the README.md which has build instructions and resources list. It even allows me to host a basic webfront (with my own custom domain) with GitHub Pages. It's so cool.


Is this what is called a cross-depot?... ???


This looks and feels really nice.

But way too hard for me - was seen by about 100 penguins but never found a single dolphin :)

Dizzy Egg

I can not start it => FATAL: Failed to create display...

Attached is a new version with ALLEGRO_REQUIRE changed to ALLEGR_SUGGEST, so hopefully you can run it now!

I have also put all the source code on github; you will need to compile with allegro AND irrKlang (for audio). Any problems let me know!

Source code

Dizzy Egg said:

Attached is a new version with ALLEGRO_REQUIRE changed to ALLEGR_SUGGEST, so hopefully you can run it now!

That fixed it for me.

And wow, this game is challenging! Well, that is, until I figured out that you have to basically always wait for the heavy snow before passing a penguin; this meant that a lot of the game was spent waiting. The movement was very floaty, but that was fine after I got used to it.

As for the dolphins, they are tricky to find as the radar range is rather low, in fact I had to revisit one of the paths to find one of them after I missed it (I decided to just drown myself to avoid backtracking). But I persevered and rescued them both!

Overall, I think I liked it except for the waiting mechanic. The graphics were nice, the light effect was neat and there was a large assortment of music.


The game is working with the latest bin you gave.
Waiting that much killed me. I don't know how SiegeLord managed to rescue both dolphins without scratching his face with his nails.
I stopped before wanting to erase all penguins from any ice land.
The graphics are neat and the game itself can be appealing with a few adjustments. Overall it's a good job :-)

Dizzy Egg

Thanks for the feedback, I originally wanted the penguins to chase the footsteps so you could escape over the bridges or on ice, but got far too hung up on OpenGL.


The game looks and sounds great! But I agree it's a little frustrating sometimes. Man, these penguin are on a hair-trigger. And how are you supposed to pass without leaving footprints?

What might help is, if you don't have to start all over from the beginning if you lose a life or a fish. Just lose it, but continue from the same place. Then at least you can keep exploring.


Agree with it looks and sounds greate and it is a bit frustrating. It is hard from the beginning. Santa slides a lot. I ended undersea most times because he slips out all the way. An the penguins, it is hard to know if they may notice you or not.

But I like the looking and the idea. :)

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