[KrampusHack 2020] Ñuño's Entry

Here you have the game I did for KrampusHack 2020 for Mark Oates.

I almost gave up but finally I have a game (more about this in my log).

The Game

It is a text adventure game (I called it interactive fiction but I've discovered that I was wrong). Text adventure games look like this:


The idea is you have a text explaining the situation and you tell the computer what to do with a sentence like "get sword" or "use key". Read the READE.txt file to know everything you need to play it.


Click here


The ZIP file contains Windows 32bit executable only. You'll need Allegro's DLL files, you can get it from the official release. I've tested on Linux Xubuntu + Wine and it works too.

If you want to see the sources or Linux binaries let me know and I'll upload somewhere.

Giftee Wishes from Mark Oates

  1. Creative Discovery - Use a game play mechanic that allows you to move freely in an exploratory space without using your left brain's critical thinking or solving complex problems. This could be anything from an open world game, a sandbox game, a drawing game, a game where you play around with music tones, a hack-and-slash collecting gems, an action packed shoot-em-up, or any other creative idea I haven't listed. You have places to visit freely. Not a lot and I don't know if you need your left brain but...

  2. Choice of Treat - Use a game programming convention you personally enjoy that's also one of your favorites to use/program/design (particles, 3D space, isometric, colorful shaders, tile maps, joysticks, etc.). I think a text adventure fits this, doesn't it?

  3. Transcendence - A theme of ascension into a higher being. Not sure if I've done it right here. You'll tell me.


I can not run it:
C:/Users/gullr/Downloads/kh20_cWM47fe/NunoMartinez-kh20/kh20.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Can we have the source to compile it ourselves ?


You can use allegro_monolith-5.2.dll from this package.

Gosh, these text adventures always evoke a feeling of dread... it's like I'm in silent hill or something! I got the 'excellent' ending, but I did get lost a lot and was about to give up until I dumped all the strings from the executable file to convince myself that there was more to the game.

Nice job, I enjoyed it!

EDIT: For completeness, I also figured out how to get the 'awful' ending; very nice. Are there more?


Thanks SiegeLord, it's working with that package.
The game itself is simple and fun, reminds me of my first mmorpgs and quests with talkative pnjs.
As for the ending, I'm a good guy I'm not stealing kids ;-)
Dumped strings told me there was tree endings, are they all working ?


Glad you like it.

Yes, there are 3 endings and all they work. Only one is good (the excelent one), the others are bad and awful. Maybe find both is harder than I thought.


Can we have the source to compile it ourselves ?

I'll see where to upload it.

Dizzy Egg

Brought back a lot of memories! I managed to get the bad ending, will try and get the others later!

Worked really well.


Heh, this was fun. I managed to get the bad ending, even though I was to proud having figured out that I can give you the card. Let's see if I can find another ending...

Doctor Cop

I'm downloading the game, will play it tomorrow evening, when I get time.


Well done. This reminds me of the good old ZX Spectrum days, I used to (try to) write text adventures for it as a kid. It's a lost art.

I found the excellent and bad endings. Then I cheated and looked at the dump of the .exe to also find the terrible ending (once you read the text that goes with the ending, it wasn't hard to figure out how to get there)


Hey! Not cheating, you bad boy! >:(

Very glad you liked it. Really. :)

I still have to upload the sources. :(

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