[KrampusHack 2020] Repercussion 2

A gift for DoctorCop. This is also a sequel to an old Ludum Dare entry.

The underground caverns contain many secrets. One fateful day, a group of farmers have discovered a colony of gigantic mushrooms that, when consumed, granted them ability to create life without the aid of the corporations. The corporations did not like that, and successfully lobbied the government to outlaw the mycelial miracle. The farmers, feeling disenfranchised, started protesting the new law causing the police to move in, and try to pacify the farmers.

In this game, you control the farmers. You need to construct buildings, collect resources and repel the police aggression.


  • Left click - Select unit/build structure

  • Right click - Issue move command

  • Mouse wheel - Zoom in/out

  • Shift - While held, left/right clicks queue orders

  • Escape - Quit

  • Backspace - Exit structure building mode


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Very nice and polished. I was not able to beat it.
The police is coming quickly and I can't do anything.
I'll try more later, good job man :-) 8-)


Very nicely done real-time strategy game. Also hard, it took me many restarts before I figured out an order of how to do things to be able to build an army. But then my army just got obliterated when I moved to attack, heh.

I feel there is some bugs like some of my units getting stuck instead of walking around obstacles, and enemy tanks could shoot through walls. I also could not figure out what the green clouds are for.

Still, it was a lot of fun just building my farm with a small army but I don't see how I could possibly win.


This experience made me appreciate how hard it is to make an RTS, and I didn't even implement half of the "standard" modern RTS features. Pathfinding in particular is frequently derided in such games, and indeed, I can confirm that it's hard to get right (although I didn't try that hard): A* really only works well with a single moving unit in a static environment, it falls on its face if there's moving obstructions. I could have spent a little more time on it, but I consciously decided to leave a lot of the bugs in... for crappy early 90's RTS "charm".

That said, this game can be won! It takes a bit of RNG luck, and just being relentless at attacking the AI before it overwhelms you.

Dizzy Egg

Very, very cool! Feels really polished, love the graphic style. Find it quite hard though, I only tend to get a couple of buidlings up before I'm completely overrun! Will definitely be trying again.

Doctor Cop

SiegeLord, you made this game for me, I can't express the surge of emotions I'm having right now. I feel like I don't deserve this, but will take it anyway because I want to. I can't control my tears, I am grateful for this gift and ashamed for not completing my game on time.

The only words I can say right now is, thanks for this wonderful gift and these farmers are really tiny. Thanks again.

Oh, I found out that I can zoom, really nice game. Love it.


This an awesome achievement! It's a cool RTS that evokes memories of good old Warcraft II or Red Alert.

  • The game is tough! You really have to bring your A game to hold off the relentless attackers. I like that you tried an asymmetric design though, but it brings an extra challenge to balance it out. Anyway, it's totally awesome that you managed to program a AI for an RTS, that is an achievement in itself. In the end, I never beat them because...

  • Unfortunately there are crash bugs, this happened more than once.


  • As you already say, pathfinding can be a problem, especially in narrow passages. Once one unit moves in, the passage is blocked and the rest starts looking for another way. Then the passage frees up and they start moving in again, going back and forth in a little dance. Moving units shouldn't count as blocking a passage.

  • Can you pause the game? I tried pressing Esc, but that just immediately stops the game and brings you back to the title screen.


Thanks for that backtrace, not sure what causes that (glad I enabled the backtraces in the release builds).

Can you pause the game?



It's just that somebody came to ask me a question while I was in the middle of an epic battle... So I pressed Esc... game over :'(

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