[KrampusHack 2020] RazorCrest

KrampusHack 2020:

RazorCrest (click here to download)

Task (for NunoMartinez):

Finally, here it is my wishlist:
* Fast game. I mean that you can play a complete "play" in few minutes.
* Minimalistic graphics. Don't make them complex.
* Finally, select one of your own wishes.

How I achieved the rules:

  • Fast game. I mean that you can play a complete "play" in few minutes.

===> You start it you play

  • Minimalistic graphics. Don't make them complex.

===> Only 4 sprites and they are very basic due to my drawing style, the rest is only circles, triangles and rectangles

  • Finally, select one of your own wishes.

===> Particles !!!

How to play:

-up to start moving
-arrows to move the ship
=> more XP = quicker
-use the mouse to aim and use mouse button or key CTRL to fire
=> more XP = more and better bullets, better accuracy
-green monsters are light enemies that are just traveling here
-yellow monsters are aggressives enemies that are targeting you
-red monsters are very aggressives enemies that are targeting you, and they are more solid
-the more you kill the more power you have to kill
-hitting the walls or being hit by an enemy makes you loose life and XP (thus fire power)



Building from source:

-Go with a shell into to SRC/KRAMPUSHACK2020
-Type make
-If it works move the binary to ../..
-If it's not working, come and complain here :-p

Hint for finishing

-Because the ship can speed up does not mean you should use it all the time
-Kill as much as you can on first levels so you have the firepower for next levels
-Use thrust/slow down/side jumps to avoid enemies while shooting at them

Edit: updated archive with missing dlls


The Windows binary is missing at least libfreeimage-3.dll and libbrotlidec.dll.


Interesting. I do not have msys64/bin in my path on my computer, so these two must have been lying inside classic windows system directories.
I'll upload a new archive including these.

Thanks for testing :-) this was your only answer to an entry without a comment on it. I'm taking it that you could not play it, or that it is too basic.

Edit: re-uploaded with missing dlls, the ones you spotted and a few others.


Hehe, I couldn't run it.

Now I've tried it, and it was pretty fun. You know, it reminds me stylistically of a very old game by someone here (hah, that's not very helpful, is it?). Anyway, I liked the bouncing bullets... I wish there were more levels! It took me a few tries, but I beat it with score 103000.


Wow. That was quick ! Thanks for testing :-) That's a nice score.

Yeah, I also like the bullet system, particularly when the ship finally have enough XP to send a nearly straight line of bullets. I had a few problems with the bouncing things (bullets / spaceship / ennemies) but I finally sorted out all problems I could find before the end. I'm happy with the result, it's a starting base that can be improved.

I'll make other entries tests in the few next days.

Have a good day SiegeLord :-)

Doctor Cop

Hello GullRaDriel,
I'm sorry that I couldn't make a decent game for you in time, I got busy in some work and didn't get the time to complete it. I am still working on it and will be posting it in forums in Feb.

You game is amazing. I like how the viruses only come from above in the first round and from anywhere in the second round. It started lagging in the second round, maybe a bug or just my slow laptop.


Thanks for the test and no worries :-)
The slow down you're having is for sure coming from the level being bigger and populated with more monsters. I should only animate monsters that are near enough the player, it should be better.
And yes you are right, the upper the level the sooner you encounter harder monsters. I'm amazed you noticed :-)

Dizzy Egg

This looks like a lot of fun, I like the madness of the bullets flying all around! However there seems to be a lag on my input, around 1 second, which makes it near on impossible to control.


I reduced the number of animated monsters in the background.
On my computer it's not using a lot, at max 5% of my computer.
Can you try with the attached version ?


I got trapped in a dead and on my second try which was very mean!


Once my power level was at 9000 or whatever the maximum is the game seemed to get a lot easier :) I assume level 3 is the final level already? Either that or it crashed due to too many bullets :P

Very fun game, my only small annoyance was the tiny window, on a HD desktop a 2x size option would be nice.


Ho ! Nice catch for the trap. It's coming from the way I'm building the levels, basically it's full of blocks and I'm sending some eating blocks 'worms' from bottom to top. I should make one start at players position to solve that.

Level 3 is indeed the last. It should show two messages box, one for clearing the level, one to tell you that you won the game. That is working here, I've never got a crash. Tell me if it was different from what I said and I'll investigate.

Out of curiosity, have you rebuild it from source or just used the Linux binary ?

Edit: forgot to tell: thanks for testing :-D


I accidentally clicked away the messages, but yes I played three levels so no crash. I used the windows .exe attached to your previous post (running with wine).


Running with wine ouha ! Are you a Linux or a Mac user ?

If Linux I think the Makefile in the 2020_12_13-RazorCrest.7z under 2020_12_13-RazorCrest\SRC\KRAMPUSHACK2020\ is working fine.

No mac support :-/

If one having linux can try to build it I would be happy ? Just 'make' in the mentioned directory should build the binary, and then move it to root dir so it's finding the config and datas. The LIB is used as a collection of source files thus no need to build it before.


What's a good high score? I got 69250 XP!



I did not calculate the maximum score you can do, so as for now it's the bigger the better X-D


Wow. I mean, wow. I really liked it. It is quite hard (btw I think my mouse is broken as it doesn't seems responsive enought sometimes, not only in your game) but I have a nice time. I'll play it a lot.

Thanks. :)


You're welcome. Thanks to your wishes it was in my reach :-)

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