[KrampusHack 2020] Dungeon Simulator

In this KrampusHack I was to create a simulation game for Tharro, with utilities management and a way to cheat.

This is what I've come up with (source code and if they work, windows and macos binaries): http://elias.pschernig.com/DungeonSimulatorByElias.zip




Mark Oates

Oh man, I can't waaaait to play these games! ;D


This was really fun! It took me a few tries to figure out what I was supposed to do in the first level, but I got it eventually... it turns out you're on the heroes's side, so building monsters is exactly counterproductive for advancing through the game. In fact, a strategy I adopted was spawn traps in front of monsters to redirect them down corridors.

With that in mind, the monsters were very challenging, and it stress of paying your bills was also very exhilarating. I really only had trouble with the final level, which I had to restart a few times (which resets the money back to 100, incidentally, although it wasn't a huge deal).

Two small issues:

- One level spawned without any lights in one corridor, not sure if it was intended
- I don't fully understand the logic behind the quest givers, but it felt like an exploit to be able to build the 4th level one, and then immediately replace it by something else (with lower upkeep) while still getting the heroes spawned.

Here's my final level "victory screen" (it shows that there's no monsters eating up my utilities):



Yeah, recreating a level should keep the gold at whatever it was when you entered. The quest givers are a way to get new heroes if you run out, but replacing any structures is not intended to be allowed at all. Need to fix.


It was fun, but as Siegelord's entry it was hard to play :-)

I liked it.


Bump... until I have some spare time for playing games...

Doctor Cop

Couldn't complete it, but it was fun.


This game is probably best described as a hexagonal Dungeon Keeper / Lemmings cross-over :D I've gotten to level 7 so far. The game has quite a lot of playtime potential, it would be nice if the game remembered unlocked levels so I could continue where I left off.

The graphics are impressive! Of course, all in your trademark Allefant style. There are a lot of different monsters, and it's worthwhile going through all the levels just to see the different monsters (including that flying... allefant?). All the animations, with all combinations of apparel, is impressive too. I especially enjoy the hand-waving attack for weaponless units :)

The units walk randomly and that is frustrating at times. Using loot chest you can kind of push them in a certain direction. But I wish the archers were a little bit more intelligent about queuing up behind a swordsman.

But in the end, once you have enough money, the easiest strategy is just to add dozens of boss quests givers, sit back and watch as the monsters are completely overrun by questers. It's kind of unbalanced, but fun to watch.

I wish for the ability to build your own paths and rooms. Or perhaps a vendor of mining equipment? Like the digger in lemmings...

I'll continue playing, I want to reach the end.


I haven't much time now, but I tried a little. It is not clear what you should do. Maybe a player manual explaining something will help. Also maybe I misunderstand the words (I'm not English and I've tried to translate by myself without any help than my limited English knowledge).

Anyway, looks nice. I'll play it later.

[edit] Just finished to write this I've found a readme.md file I didn't noticed. Doh!


It's true, it's not really clear at the start. But the game is really simple. You are managing a dungeon that is the battleground between the heroes and the monsters. You don't really care very much about the outcome of the battle. You are just here to sell weapons and potions.

I found these strategies helpful:

  • You can make a quick buck by placing a loot box just in front of a hero. It costs 10, but when the hero grabs it, you make 15. The hero turns around. Place another loot box behind him and he turns forward again. You don't have much control over the heroes, but with well-placed loot boxes you can nudge them a little.

  • Build sales men at the start of the path, just in front of your heroes. They'll pick up the weapons and armors they need. They won't survive against monsters without them.

  • If a hero is running low on health, it can help to build a potion shop just in front of his path.

  • At the start, a fixed number of heroes will enter. The only way to get more, is to add quest givers. Each quest giver will attract a number of extra heroes to the dungeon.

After a while, it's really not hard to make money - it just flows in and you can watch and relax.


Thanks Amarillion.

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