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If you care about black people at all, you watch that video.

Meanwhile, the legacy media is caught literally saying "black lives don't matter, unless they're shot by cops.":

CNN's Don Lemon scolds Terry Crews, says Black Lives Matter is about police brutality, not Black-on-Black violence

I really just... I don't care anymore. I really just don't care what your arguments are right now because you cannot, on any logical level, hand-wave away the murder of an eight year old. Which Don Lemon is literally doing on TV, and you all are doing here.

Black children don't deserve to die just because you want to talk solely about police brutality. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of black people dying being okay as long as it's the "right" kind of person murdering them. I'm sick of it. Statistically, a black youth is most likely to die at the hands of another black person over any other cause. That includes health. That includes "school shootings". That includes police. That includes literally everything. Black people don't deserve to die just because their cause of death makes you uncomfortable or challenges your worldview.

All this talk about children in cages, and when a child is literally murdered down in public view THIS WEEK, you can't even acknowledge it. I know you've all been programmed into this worldview, but it disgusts me, because what you represent is the status quo and more children, real people with real names and lives, are going to be murdered because of your reluctance to accept reality.


I'm impressed with your reasoning.

That's because he was raised in the same ignorant bubble as you.


I think that the American education system must do a really horrible job of teaching the concepts of socialism, communism, and Marxism. These are not horrible concepts. These are wonderful ideas.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I'm not a "patriot confederate flag hugging conservative ". I'm a liberal. I also know enough about history that no other ideology has ever killed more people than communism. Mao alone killed up to, estimates say, 100 million people. Stalin? Lenin? They threw dissonances in jail at the very start. Nobody who has actually studied history, or talked to people who lived in communist regimes thinks communism is a wonderful idea. It's only "wonderful" because you've been given the same, distorted, propaganda that Edgar has. Ask yourself why US liberals are so pro-communist while literal ex-communist states are full of people who are loudly against the idea. Russians hate communism. Ukrainians hate communism. Czech Republic citizens hate communism.

There's nothing wrong with the idea of helping people, and the idea of public funding welfare systems. But capitalism has literally helped billions of lives. And while it's fairly corrupt, it's still managed to lift billions of people out of poverty. Something a trilion dollars in CHARITY couldn't do in Africa. 5 countries in Africa are currently in the top of the fastest developing countries in the world. Remember India and China, our "sweatshop" locations? They used that money to become full of colleges and are now becoming industrial and tech sectors that have elevated themselves so far out of poverty that they don't need nor want to be sweatshop countries anymore.

But I'm not going into a 15 page analysis of capitalism vs communism. If you actually wanted to learn, there's literally thousands of videos on Youtube, and thousands of articles in reputable journals and news sites that can make the case. Hell even the !@$@!'ing Wikipedia articles would likely debunk half your ideas.


Poverty is entirely due to systemic racism and discrimination.

So the Asians that were literally put in camps during WW2 are all still poor, right? Or how about the Jews? nope. How about literal Africans who came to America? Fun fact: They dislike-to-almost-hate black Americans. I would know, I talk to them.


You can't just lump all activity associated with BLM with the non-profit. Individual people show up to protest (or counter-protest), and their actions are their own.

No true scottsman falasy. You don't apply that logic when white people show up to protest and there's a white supremacist that commits a crime.


Insert: I would also question the decision to bring children to a protest in a region that is likely to encounter violence.

1) So it's THEIR fault for bringing a child to a 'peaceful' protest? Do you hear yourself? 2) They didn't even GO to a protest. They were driving down a road that had previously been cleared by police as safe. The police left, the "protesters" came back, told them to turn around and before they could even turn around, they shot their tires out and killed their child.

If the shooters were white, you all would be collapsing over yourselves to proclaim the resurgence of white supremacy. Don't lie. Don't you dare.


This one is too long to watch right now or even go into, but as for the removal of statues of slave owners and/or Confederate leaders/symbols/flags/etc. I think that it's long overdue and makes complete sense. Removing those symbols and statues does not erase history.

I actually don't care about statues. However, I read something while reading about WW2 Nazi war bunkers. The Germans realized around the 1950's that they should never take them down. Why? They have a phrase that translates roughly to "the pain of the past should not be forgotten." We should be full of statues of slavery. Why? Because we should never allow ourselves to forget the pain and suffering our ancestors caused.

Further, if you actually knew anything about history, you'd know some of the statues they took down? Were erected by black, ex-slaves. So yeah, screw those stupid black slave people, right? Because they're white supremacist bigots, right? ...

That's the problem with the left now. They've become complete children, who can't be bothered to crack a history book, or understand a complex argument. The idea that the world can be grey is an abomination. Everything has to be grouped into "good and evil" because nobody has any time to actually think like a human being. They want to know what to hate, and who to hate, so they can hate effectively and move on to the next thing they hate.


Are you going to be able to live with that typo in the title for 4000+ posts? :P

Edgar Reynaldo

So, your reasoning is - black people kill black people, therefore any deaths caused by non-black people don't count as much. Nice.

What's this "you've been given the same, distorted, propaganda that Edgar has" all about?

Chris Katko

Are you going to be able to live with that typo in the title for 4000+ posts? :P

I was debating "2" but felt it was two far.

Also, another liberal understanding failure: Defund The Police, fun fact: Literally means defund the police.


So, your reasoning is - black people kill black people, therefore any deaths caused by non-black people don't count as much. Nice.

Must be really easy to win arguments when you make them up.

You don't care when blacks die, you don't riot, you don't post, you don't tweet, you don't send "positive vibes" as long as black people are the ones holding the guns. You cared about "children in cages" but you didn't do a single thing for all the black kids who died the same year. That's because all you see is tribes. "Whites" are the bad, "blacks" are the good. And the idea that any problem could be more complex or subtle than that is alien to you. So you simply ignore all the black people who die every day because acknowledging their death would mean acknowledging your worldview is too simplistic.

And I, for one, I'm not going to accept black people needlessly dying, just because the color of someone's skin is the "right color" to do the murdering. Police are only one aspect of a huge problem for the black community. Black Lives Matter always. Every day. Not just when CNN tells you to care.

Edgar Reynaldo

You're making an ass out of yourself by ASSuming I don't care about any lives taken by anyone other than police.

And no, defund the police doesn't mean abolish the police.

Stop listening to all your right wing garbage news sources already.


The other thread ran out???


Guys dont be fooled by black lives matter, it is not a true black movement. its a Trojan movement.


The problem is almost all black people who are killed were killed by black people. The cops have very little to do with the homicides apart from using lethal force against criminals, and almost all of it is justifiable homicide. Truth hurts.

Edgar Reynaldo

raynebc - so murdering children by cop is justifiable homicide? So George Floyd was justifiable homicide? So Breonna Taylor was justifiable homicide?

You're a racist pig.


there is no such think as justifiable homicide just unfortunate homicide. even killing wild animals in the wild is not justifiable homicide.

there is a hidden history of humanity that regular humans are blind too. once you find that history you will understand why things are the way they are now and how to correct them. however in order to gain access to that history you need to become more enlighten within Nature and nature will show you that history. you human are trapped in a cycle and the only way out is enlightenment aka becoming conscious of everything in the cycle and liberating your body mind and soul from the cycle using logically process you learn from becoming conscious of everything

Matthew Leverton

Why do we care about white officers killing black people? Because it's a known problem that can be identified and solved with specific changes.

Do we care about black people killing black people? Yes! But the problem is different. The solution is different. Maybe it's a bigger problem - but that is irrelevant. Do we not seek a cure for a small disease until we have found a cure for cancer?

Saying "All Lives Matter" in response to "Black Lives Matter" is, again, nonsensical. Yes, all lives matter. But if somebody says to me "we need to save the Amazon rain forest" I don't get all offended and respond with "No, we need to save ALL rain forests. All Trees Matter." Seeking out to save the Amazon rain forest comes with specific set of issues that require a specific set of solutions.

It's the same thing here. And maybe there is a bit of an overreaction to the movement, but that tends to happen when there has been decades of injustice swept under the rug.

And fear mongering about the true intent of certain people within the BLM movement is also not really productive. Most moderate social changes come from people with extreme points of view. Even a crazy/socialist/commie/capitalistic person can have a good idea. Our own president is a card carrying member of the kkk, but that doesn't prevent him from having valid points on rare occasions.


yes your logic is spot on Matthew. however its all by design it was name BLM so that people will say ALM similar tactic as selling guns to both side in the war.
BLM was made and pitched to black community strategically after constantly having the real black movements crushed and swept under the run the blacks became sheep looking for anything to grab onto that they could relate too. this BLM movement i just like the women rights movement both hijacked by satanist that seek to keep the world in conflict and confusion so that it attracts the reset of earth serpent of Chaos resets the earth in 2029. after than humans go to the back of the line and life from the Bird animal Kingdom gets their chance to becomes Sentient and elevate their consciousness and bodies as we and the reptiles before us have have


The thread fork wasn't really necessary. If you cite your quotes then the Web application won't do any work to guess. That said, Matthew, couldn't that work be done by a service or separate thread in phases instead of locking up the user?

Restoring some unanswered quotes from the other thread.

raynebc said:

That has to be the king of anti personal-responsibility posts. Handouts aren't going to be enough to change generations of bad Democrat policy and bad lifestyle choices. The left (politicians, media, educators, etc.) should stop brainwashing black people at large into believing lies like them not having a "valid shot at life" as you say.

As usual, your ill-informed opinions about COVID response and second amendment aren't particularly useful to anybody. And your side's brand of iconoclasm isn't something that should be defended, especially when rabid protesters tear down statues of black people, slavery abolitionists, founding fathers of the freest country in the world, etc. A rational person should be able to stop pretending to be the arbiter of fairness when pushing repeatedly failed ideologies like Socialism.


raynebc, if you think the system is fair, you're part of why it's broken.

People don't want handouts, they want a fair chance to succeed. They don't have that. You're so blinded by your own ideology, you disregard anything anyone on the left has to say.


I'm an example of the 'system working': receiving SSDI + Medicare due to severe mental illness, and thanks to SSDI + Medicare + other welfare able to get better until the point this year I'll have paid more in taxes than I received in benefits (my current job and my new job pay very well).

The kicker is I was extremely lucky. Wasn't denied, didn't have to appeal for SSDI. Was able to receive excellent healthcare after a long wait. (But I thought long waits were only a thing for socialist countries? Hmm.)

But if Republicans had their way, I'd probably be dead or in jail for homelessness. ??? I would've never received SSDI or Medicare and my mental illness would've been untreated and that would've been the end for me.

But if you really want your asses kicked respond to this one directly.


@piccolo :
What do you mean by nature? Wild nature or human nature?
The story is achieved on VHS?

@Matthew Leverton :
"All Lives Matter" It makes sense, since there are people who do not understand what they are talking about, but when we are supposedly in an era where tolerance is practiced and discrimination has already been eliminated, then when people talk about "Black Lives Matter" it is as if you want to resuscitate discrimination or create problems where there is none. That is until it is shown that there is discrimination and that tolerance from the beginning was a lie.


@RmBeer2: Wild nature and human nature are the same thing. the other animals are the same as us they are just at a lower level of consciousness and body development.
you need to understand Nature as our Mother when we eat the other animals even our selves as we used too, it is the equivalent to being breast feed by Mother Nature. the mechanize that interfaces us with Nature's Breast Milk is our ID Brains aka the(Devil) as we develop we slowly build consciousness developing higher brain functions and greater understandings that begin to over ride the control the ID Brain keeping its primitive impulses in check.

one of the first things that happens is we stop eating one another than we stop eating the other animals. this is because we get smarter and figure out that what we need to eat is not the other animals but instead it is what the other animals are eating

The story is achieved In nature and is currently being played out over and over but on a different scale(realm)

ill stop right there because this is already lased with information that has been and should be hidden from humans that are still slaves to their ID Brains.


@piccolo :
So we are less intelligent because mother nature feeds us with animals?
I do not agree that we should eat what other animals eat, not only does it mean breaking the food chain, but we are not prepared to eat other types of food such as grass or leaves, which are what other animals are eating, the Most are usually vegan. Also keep in mind that there are plant lives, like vegetables, they do not contribute to our intelligence? Or are they just snacks that do not affect in any way when we eat them?
When you speak of kingdoms, you are speaking of scales of vibrations, which on a different level would cease to be in the physical world as we know it.
Human nature and wild nature are not the same, one corresponds to the behavior of humans specifically (but from the human point of view), and the other corresponds to the world of nature.
By stopping eating animals and getting smarter, you may mean the fasting related to meditation, which personally I have not met anyone who has achieved it ... I do not believe that fasting is necessary to achieve intelligence and a high level of consciousness, rather it is just one of the many requirements necessary to eliminate all kinds of distractions during meditation.


Sure, it's unfortunate that there are incidents where police must use force. There are reasons why force may be necessary, and those are what people call justified use of force. Homicides can also be justified. Police abuse of citizens is a problem, but it has not been shown to be systemically racist. Outlier examples are not proper justification to drive policy.

And yes, to address Edgar's dumb strawman, if a child is shooting people up, police would be justified in stopping the kid with lethal force. Take note, idiot, that the words "most" and "all" mean different things.

And Matthew, stop being a dumbass with your Trump derangement. If you want to see KKK in the US government, you're going to be looking at the DNC.

Edgar Reynaldo

Guess what raynebc, the police murdered a kid for a toy gun. There is another example where it was a bag of potato chips. I'd like to justify your homicide, but I actually have a conscience, unlike you and your dirt bag racist cops.

Breonna Taylor was sleeping, and the cops fired 20 rounds at her. They broke into her apartment on a bad warrant, no knock, no warning, just murdered her. Fuck you and all your racist pig friends.


I'm really curious why you guys continue to converse when you both clearly have completely different and opposing world views.

There's no real exchange of ideas here, it's just like a little endian and big endian machine trying to connect and it's just a garbled mess.... ???

Like, I don't believe in God, but that in no way means God isn't real, it in no way means Edgar's beliefs are invalid in any way, etc. That's just how my brain and experiences have been wired such that I never seeked a higher power, but just because I never seeked it doesn't mean it doesn't exist or might eventually come into my life. This might even be God's plan for me, who knows.

And politics, oh lawd....

This has so much to do with your upbringing, income, social status, personality type, etc

I've grown up in Canada and socialism / free health care allowed my poor grandmother to get cancer removed for free when she otherwise would have died or been in debt for the rest of her life. Of course my experiences shape my world views.

That doesn't mean I hate all Trump supporters. They are, for the most part, good people who just want the best for their country, and based on their personality and experiences, they relate well to trump and his policies. I do not, but I don't discredit anyone who does, and I think if both sides listened, really listened to what the other had to say, we'd find we're not so different..

This is how racism happens anyways, we fear what we do not understand. Fear breeds hate and bigotry, intolerance, etc.

Murder of any kind is unjustifiable, but I'd love to take brain scans of these murderers, I'm sure they have abnormal brain activity patterns that could be treated with either medication / therapy.

I'm sure a lot of these officers might have trauma from an early age, or other disorders, perhaps PTSD.... we don't ever look at that do we ? Someone that murders is ill, but we should try to diagnose and heal them...


raynebc is just an ideological believer in Conservative politics. He's a useful idiot, and nothing more. There's no reasoning with him. His mind is shut. He ignores all facts, and makes wild claims without evidence or reason to back his ideas. I just roll my eyes and pass over him most of the time, like a lunatic screaming nonsense in the street. He'll never admit that he was wrong, no matter how egregious Trump's actions are. Republicans that still support Trump have to be brainwashed to be this stupid. Citing Fox News is your first clue. If you can stand watching Fox News for more than 30 seconds without cringing or being visibly upset then something is wrong with the reasoning centers of your brain, and you should seek professional help ASAP.

Odds are his friends and family are also Republicans, and he's surrounded by other idiots, and unable to see beyond the bubble of bullshit. It's really not his fault, you see. People come in all varieties. Humans are just animals. Our brains are easily fooled. If you aren't skeptical by nature then you'll easily buy a bridge.

Of course, there's no need to convince him that he's wrong. The threads will remain long after he's gone to remind us all how wrong he was. And there's a chance that some other people, that are on the fence still or may be susceptible to the tactics of misinformation propaganda, may find sense in the discussion and be saved from the brainwashing before it's too late... There are many lurkers we never know about.

Funny little anecdote: I've been following an ex-police officer on Twitter.

Paul Manning

As I understand it, he went undercover right out of training, and ended up discovering that a LOT of cops around him were corrupt and entangled in organized crime. He filed a report, and started getting threats from other cops to mind his business or else. Then his undercover identity was leaked to a crime family, and a hit was put out on him. His family was present at the time, but the hit failed. He has since suffered PTSD and various mental health issues, occasionally battling with depression and thoughts of suicide. His family left him fearing for their lives. The police turned their backs on him for "ratting". Senior management fired him, and covered up the evidence that he provided. A recent tweet claimed that he also discovered that many police officers are on [illegal] steroids, and are dealing them and other drugs as well. That was similarly covered up.

This is in Ontario, Canada. We're a lot more polite and friendly up here so if that's what our police are like I can only imagine how bad the police in the US are. He basically said that he regrets "doing the right thing" by filing the reports and doing his job instead of ignoring it and protecting the other police. It has basically ruined his life. He's not alone. There are a few other ex-police officers on Twitter that I've encountered with similar stories of doing the "lawful, honest thing" and being fired and threatened as a result.

It takes a certain type of person to be a police officer. It's dangerous so you need to be confident and strong, or at least make up for it with ego. From my experience it attracts mostly bullies and assholes, but there are the rare decent people that just want to help people and uphold the law (these guys are the minority, and when their work conflicts with corruption they get killed or suppressed). Police should be held to the highest standard of ethics, but in reality there are no standards at all. It's completely sickening.

Matthew Leverton
jmasterx said:

I'm really curious why you guys continue to converse when you both clearly have completely different and opposing world views.

In America, the majority of people have one of two polar opposite views. And it's essentially Group A vs Group B in all topics. Except for anti-vaxxers which come from both groups. :-/

raynebc said:

Outlier examples are not proper justification to drive policy.

I think where we would disagree is what you call an outlier, I call systematic.

A few weeks ago, I saw a compilation of literally 100 videos (unedited in that they individually are a contiguous segment) taken by bystanders over the course of a single weekend of BLM protests that depict excessive use of violence by police. Sucker punching kids. Purposefully spraying non-violent children in the face with some form of pepper spray. Running over people with their cars. Running over to people who are walking away to beat them with a club in their backs. Knocking down a 70 year old man, cracking his head open, and then 50 cops walk over/around him, letting someone else deal with his near-death experience, etc. National guard flying helicopters so low that street signs are ripped out of the ground, flinging debris to anybody indiscriminately. We have cops accidentally recording themselves on duty openly fantasizing over killing black men (later just saying they were under a lot of stress ::)). In a nearby city here, cops killed a person with a chokehold (before the BLM boom), then later went back to his memorial to snap a photo with each other with one of them performing a chokehold. The cop who killed the man responded "haha" to the photo.

It must get exhausting to try to excuse each of these one by one, over and over again, only labeling the most extreme as an outlier.

This is what I mean by it's systemic: Not that the majority of police officers are bad (they aren't), but that probably every police force with more than ten cops has bad people on staff that operate under almost complete impunity with support by internal unions and external legal precedent.


I'm mobile right now, but felt this was worth sharing too. It should speak for itself to anybody reasonable.




Edgar: The kid removed the orange tip that is required to be there to identify to everybody that it's a toy. The kid was playing with it recklessly and somebody called the cops about a kid playing with a gun. The kid didn't drop the gun when the police demanded it. Despite what you may think, people do bear responsibility for their actions. F*** you and your broken grasp of morality.

The cops who killed Breonna should be put on trial with a push for them to be executed. Nobody here is defending those cops. However political activists like those in BLM will equate Breonna's situation with that of Rayshard Brooks (who did deserve to be met with deadly force). These cases are extremely rare outliers, which as I've said aren't proper metrics for judging police country-wide.

Bam: You pretend not to be a rabid leftist, but you're about as bad as anybody on this forum. My mind is closed to disproven idiocies that the Democrats manufacture and parrot ad nauseam. If you were less hostile and more honest I'd be willing to discuss things with you civilly again.

Matthew: A handful of cases that are statistically drowned out with dislike outcomes are not systematic. There are bad cops, but many bad civilians. Even when you cite things like knocking down the old man, you do it with spin even though when I watch the footage, the man was getting up in the cop's face and blocking one of a group of police that needed to keep moving. A shove of moderate force to an old man becomes just another contextless story of police violence. The cop immediately radioed for a medic and the police kept moving. A handful of outliers is just that. If you want to eliminate the immunities afforded by public sector unions (ie. cops, teachers) that protect bad actors, we are already in agreement. As I've made 100% clear, it's my stance that individuals are responsible for their actions and that group responsibility is mostly a left-wing value.


"Like, I don't believe in God, but that in no way means God isn't real," "Someone that murders is ill"

whaaat???... You got excited...

EDIT ===========================

In fact, everyone should relax. They are getting out of hand with so many insults.

RmBeer2 said:

In fact, everyone should relax. They are getting out of hand with so many insults.

I'm not trying to insult anyone.

To put it another way, I've never seen gamma rays, I can't see that spectrum, but it does not mean it does not exist.

What I mean't is, I don't pray, or follow any kind of higher power, I have never had a religious experience, there was no religion in my upbringing, I do not feel the need to follow any sort of higher power. It's sort of like, people around me describe light, but I am blind. Having never seen light I cannot prove or disprove that light exists, but personally I do not experience light.

That's all I'm saying.

And yes, I do think someone that murders another human being is ill in some way. In some cases, the person being murdered may be the cause of that illness but it doesn't take away that I'm pretty sure the vast majority of murderers have abnormal brain activity patterns. That's my belief, I'm open to be proven wrong, of course.

People don't tend to take me very seriously on this forum, so meh, why do I even still come here? I have a right to make points as much as anyone else here...

Edgar Reynaldo


Fuck you pig.

Say their names.



I have to be careful what I say on here because it could lead to technological advancements that humanity are not ready for and could cause humans to further sink them self into doom opposite to the direct they need to be moving. i really want to share this stuff with you guys because you guys are programmers just like I and i am 100% sure that the mental ability of a Programmer that dose not allow emotion to interfere with Logical Righteous reasoning is the key to me obtaining the knowledge i have.

i gave you the example of breast milk that should be easy to understand given the information you demonstrate other treads. a baby dose not drink from it's mother's breast for the rest of it's life however in the progressive stages of development the mother eat and the baby eats from the mother in stages and in each stage what you eat is upgraded.
you come from your father and are born/guild/nurtured into the human realm by your mother's environments/realms the first environment is her vagina the 2nd her womb 3rd her egg that becomes apart of you 4th is her environment wherever that is that also becomes apart of you.

Note this is why father are important because it is his job to make sure the environments he is putting you into are well taken care of and protected from predators

many people keep saying one of the core laws of creation but don't know what they mean. there are many laws of creation and you need to find them all in Nature just like pokemon to become fully enlighten

the one that people keep saying goes something like as above as below.
Use Righteous heart logic mind to identify/understand them ALL.


F*ck off, Edgar. Your hatred doesn't faze me. May your mental health improve.

Regarding the food chain, I generally don't consider it immoral for animals to eat anything that is appropriate for their dietary needs. I draw the line at cannibalism and needlessly prolonged suffering of the animal being killed for food. All honorable hunters try to kill their prey as quickly as possible.

Edgar Reynaldo


When you stop trying to justify murder, I might give half a fuck what you think.

Go back to your Republican cesspool of morality. Pigs are welcome there.


that is the thing, the morally of it changes based on knowledge/consciousness of the life form

even cannibalism is not immoral if that is the only option available to the life form.
it becomes immoral and SIN when the life form has other options. at this point the life form is just giving in to the urge of ID brain reverting when it has has already archived the brain capacity(higher consciousness ) to satisfy the bodily need in a more educated way worthy of the higher intellect it has achieved.

God's Creation is put together so perfectly that if the life form reverts or dose not see or recognize the hints(sickness) given by nature to advance itself, it will stop developing mentally and even reverting mentally than die so that the other life forms that are observing/learning from their surroundings will to take example\lesson from the dead one. the dead one will be re-assimilated into the food chain to be reborn/reincarnated

God's Program is so beautiful and efficient
I know you higher level programmer will pick up on what this is so please be careful what you share and program.i have not said it all but me detailing this is me giving you decoded knowledge but when i decoded it from Nature I got the knowledge but i also got wisdom with it like a user manual/warning of what will happen if used incorrectly

this is why i asked if Mathew could hind this stuff from google because google is a bad/misguided entity and they are looking for this type of information

Edit @Edgar raynebc is correct even thought what he said in the beginning is wrong. instead of getting mad at him trying to logical understand how and why he came to the incorrect concussion he did. Do just like what Mathew did earlier with the BLM ALM thing. when you get emotional/angry it hinders your mental development and access to wisdom stopping you from thinking clearly until the emotional-chemicals in your brain similar to lactated acid reduce in considerations

edit 2
this is the true power of a Programmer


When will Americans stop filling epic threads with their culture wars?

And if they do stop, will it be because they've taken it to the streets? :-/


Believe me, light exists, if it did not exist there would be no sense in having eyes, and in fact, we have eyes just to perceive them. The same goes for your other senses.
Nor do you need to belong to a religion, in this case science, to believe the existence of light or how it works. Although it must be admitted that many of his baseless explanations are more credible than any other religion.
But I clearly understand what you mean. You are totally satisfied and do not feel the need to look for mysteries or find out beyond your position.

A person who kills another is not sick, ever. He only gets sick when he is socially attacked for killing another person, like saying "You are a murderer! You are sick!". He always has reason to kill someone, even if he is playing, he enjoys disarming his victims or a little devil orders him to... ok no, forget this sentence. But there is always a reason, it is not a yes and it acts spontaneously.
I could go on, but I better cut it. In matters of life and death, society is damn ignorant, I do not want to leave with basic lessons about reality, also because I know that there are many intelligent people in this place and I do not see the need to pointlessly remind them of something well It could disgust you until you demotivate them.

I'm taking you seriously, isn't that enough? Comment as much as you want.

Edgar Reynaldo

Murder is born of darkness of the soul. It is born of apathy and hate and jealousy and covetousness. Murder is never okay, it is never justified. Killing in self defense is, and none of these racist cops were in fear for their life. They are murderers, plain and simple.

The first murderer was Cain, who murdered Able, his brother, because Cain was jealous of the blessings God gave Abel for his sacrifice. Cain's sacrifice was the worst of his holdings, and so God rewarded him accordingly.

Cain was lucky God only exiled him. In my opinion he should have been put to death.


@Edgar i suggest you learn about God from nature and not from books when learn enough you will be able because that is the way to directly interface with God. when you use books you are introducing a human as middle man. after you got to nature first you will better understand what the book is trying to tell you.

another Law of Creation is cause and effect. God does not act directly God acts through the laws He already put in place during creation. when humans use free will to interface with the creation a cause and effect is generated inside and out side the lifeforms this is where blessing and punishments are derived

God dose not want you to worship him just like any other father God wants you to learn to be like him as his Child

be careful of religions they are based in truth but modified to control humans so that they give away the power gave all to inherit

just throwing that out there up to you to do with it as you will

Edgar Reynaldo

So, what, I should reverse engineer God from his creation? That's pompous and asinine.

Read your Bible again Piccolo. You missed most of it.


i look at its as understanding God through his works and Actions. Once you understand the purpose and function of all of the creations you will understand your purpose using logic the more you understand the closer in development to become like the Father you will be. just like earth child learning from his earth mother to become big, smart, strong and dependable like his earth father is the same relation ship you should have with God only thing the mother you need to learn from is Mother Nature.

I know and understand the Bible completely. i know also know it was created by the Greeks and Romans after they learn they learn from the Text in Africa Egypt. they wanted the knowledge development the text bestowed on the people of Egypt however they wanted to maintain the same control they already had over their people. this is why they concord the weaken Egypt that over generations forgot that the origin of their text came from Nature. Romans locked the information in the UK to study it and create what you now call the Bible and 2 other book one used in the middle east the other used by the modded day Jews

as a child growing up i knew there where hidden secrets in the Bible and i would decode it and explain it using science. than my skill to read nature developed more and more then i found the stories in the Bible and the science i mapped in nature plus more. after that i was able to see the manipulation and missing content in nature. then i begone to awaken i did not fully understand what was happening to me so i ignored all of the things i was inventing i focused on studying what was happening to me this was key. mid 2019 i met someone that i was sharing my studies with and that guy told me that what was happening to me was already documented in Africa. he begone to read to me the Egyptian Stories and before he could finish each one i would finish them for him as if i was taking over the reading. i told him all i was doing filling in the rest from the details that i was studying in my life about why i became the way i am. after that i when to YouTube to find more Egyptian stories. this is when i broke throw in a major was the knowledge understand and technology i gain was out of this world then i looked for other text from other places like China Greek ect and i was able to decode it all i double checked every thing i learn with nature and the current science of humans. i was able to understand things that current humanity dose not have a clue about.

Edgar Reynaldo
Piccolo said:

I know and understand the Bible completely.

Clearly, you do not. If you want to know God, you need to know His Word, because "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God".

You can't learn God's Word by observing nature. Flesh is corrupt, and therefore, so is any knowledge you gain through it.


@Edgar where do you learn learn God's Word?

edit lets make a logical boolean truth table using your answers

Edgar Reynaldo

To name a few sources of my studies ;

1. Shepherd's Chapel (Bible study chapter by chapter verse by verse)
2. KJV

Go right ahead.


@Edgar where do the sources you have list learn God's Word from?

Edgar Reynaldo

Since I don't know Hebrew, Greek, or Chaldee, I have to learn from the best source available, the King James Bible.

I know you're trying to lure me into admitting the Bible was written by man, but that's utter poppycock. Do you really think God would allow His Word to be so corrupted that no one could read and understand it?


@Edgar i am not trying to lure you Brother. We going to use Logic. Logic is how every Law God Created and put in place works. when you reduce logic to its lowest possible terms(variables) using booblen algebra you get core logic. once core logic is correct it will always be correct. when it is always Correct, that is what you call Truth.

don't worry if i cant do this with out exposing how the human brain works to you i will stop because that will lead to implementation of AI. that not something i reveal on the internet

so tell me where did man learn God's Word from?

Edgar Reynaldo

From God and His prophets.


Logically define what a prophets is.
what makes them different from you and I :note we are man
and Logically tell me how they get learn the Word of God from God

my plan is use that fact that you are a man that understands logic and have you force your into a logical fallacies

you will ether break down into emotion
or take deep breaths through your nose and break through to a higher level of understanding generating a new logic pathway to Truth

note this will only work with Programmers that understand logical problem solving
all other humans will default to emotion and violence


@piccolo :
So I don't see what the problem is with revealing information like AI, if it can only be understood by those whose logic can be understood from a higher level anyway.
Such knowledge is surely already encoded enough to not be understood.
Something like Tim Marcoh's thousand healthy food recipes.

Matthew Leverton

piccolo isn't even human. He himself is AI from the future that hasn't fully calibrated to the present. You are the first two to dare try to converse.

jmasterx said:

And yes, I do think someone that murders another human being is ill in some way. In some cases, the person being murdered may be the cause of that illness but it doesn't take away that I'm pretty sure the vast majority of murderers have abnormal brain activity patterns. That's my belief, I'm open to be proven wrong, of course.

I would tend to agree. Anybody willing to hurt another human being is lacking various functions that a normal human being has to tell us that it's unacceptable. It may not be a "disease" or "illness" per se, but some wires are crossed anyway. The punishment for murder is severe. It's not normal to be willing to take that risk.

I can tell you that when I was having severe depression symptoms these last few months that suicide felt like the only answer for me. I knew logically that it was an inappropriate response, but my mind was in a dark place where everything felt hopeless. I would literally be fine one day, and wake up the next day feeling hopeless. Our minds are very fragile. When they're working they're strong, but they're very frail and we aren't in complete control of them.

jmasterx said:

People don't tend to take me very seriously on this forum, so meh, why do I even still come here? I have a right to make points as much as anyone else here...

There are some people that I don't take too seriously here, but I don't think you're one of them (at least, in this discussion you've been very reasonable). :)

piccolo said:

[secret codes]

I find myself on the fence with these rants, partially thinking there's some truth to it, and even wishing that there was truth to it, but ultimately I'm forced to conclude that it's just good drugs talking. :P When I'm high on cannabis I often get the feeling that I'm understanding the universe on a new level, but I'm unable to explain it or document it for a sober me later. It often goes along with paranoia, and I feel overwhelmed with the intense responsibility that having the knowledge bears. It's a lot more pleasant to convince myself that I'm just being paranoid, and try to think of simpler things instead. :P


piccolo said:

my plan is use that fact that you are a man that understands logic and have you force your into a logical fallacies

you will ether break down into emotion
or take deep breaths through your nose and break through to a higher level of understanding generating a new logic pathway to Truth

note this will only work with Programmers that understand logical problem solving
all other humans will default to emotion and violence

See, then he goes and says some smart shit like this and I begin to doubt my doubts again. :D I'm not even stoned yet, but soon.

Edgar Reynaldo

Oh, dear Lord... the universe reduced to truth tables. Only a sick and twisted math professor would devise such a universe. Try doing a truth table with 8 variables (I say this with humor and a grain of salt). Mind... blown... Now imagine it doing it in a multi-verse with uncountable elements of uncountable different sizes of uncountable quantities of even smaller particles, that all mimic and repeat each other in fractal patterns. A brain is like a tree - neurons seek blood and capillaries seek feeders. Now replace that with carbon dioxide and water. The both follow fractal patterns in their growth. Cells of ANY human type can be grown in the lab, with the sacrifice of fertilized eggs. Call that murder? How old does an egg have to be before it's murder? Criminalizing abortion is PROVEN to only make it WORSE and more FREQUENT.

I apologize for calling you a 'racist pig' but you really triggered a nerve with me. Don't try to justify murder with me again.

From now on, on both sides, let's review and avoid these 4 basic fallacies of discussion.


And I suppose now you will call me hypocrite because I don't believe fertilized eggs are alive enough to warrant rights. If so, the argument would extend backwards to wasting reproductive cells, which is absurd. I will argue the argument extends forwards to some degree, but most people disagree on when a fertilized embryo becomes 'alive'. Now imagine incarcerating every woman that had a miscarriage. Don't think it happens? Surely it does. Now imagine incarcerating every woman that took the morning after pill. Now imagine incarcerating every man woman or child that wasted reproductive cells. That's what you want, to take away a woman's self governance. She is responsible for her own sins. You are responsible for yours. I am responsible for mine. Repent early, and repent often. And enough beating these dead horses. You'd think Satan rode in on them. Get thee hence Satan. Think he's not real? Then you've been deceived, or are still yet blind. Think God doesn't see? He sees All, he knows All, he is All. That is all.



@RmBeer2 the algorithm for really simple. if any mid level program saw it they would slap themselves in the face in duh. the reason humans cant understand these simple things is because they don't have a correct understand of God so they don't have a correct understanding of creation. every thing that humans think they created has already been created by God in nature as a part of creation humans are just subconsciously learning bits and peace of creation. if you focus with some effort and a righteous heart and logical mind you can consciously decode and understand creation and God. you have to have a righteous heart and logical mind because this is a type biological encryption God put on the information to make sure his children that have not become consciously really to wiled that information get access to it and destroy themselves and the other children. this why i wont reveal such things as AI or unlimited energy conversion until i figured out a way to counter/disable them an i am sure i am not the only one that has this information but they would come to the same conclusion i did because it was logical shown to them.

as a mater of fact that is why the world system in created the way it is because those the took over using war understood this from the Egyptian text they are trying to decode in UK.

the world is setup to trick humans to being righteous enough to where they are able to gain access to some of the information then they are lured into desperately selling the information to the money system as patterns because they system has tied basic survival life and death that was in the hands nature into the hands of the social hierarchy system. this system works buy monipolating the ID brain. they think that are so smart by implementing this but they are not Smarter then God because their same implementation is the reason innovation is so slow

@bamccaig everything i have posed on here from day one has been very intelligent but it has been socially bypassed due to my use of the English langues and that fact that many of you so-come to pair purser to take what i say as a joke. i understood this and just used it as my own encryption
as Allegro spell check became more hi-tech my English became easier to understand

@Edgar in conscious development you don't want to avoid anything because when you avoid you miss an opportunity to to understand someones perspective even if they are incorrect your missing the opportunity to understand how they lead themselves to their conclusion. this is a problem that you are denying your self from solving there for you are denying yourself from knowledge. the only thing you should avoid is circular arguments where a loop is formed and their is no progress to ending the look to progress. this really only happens when both parts have so-come to the ID brain and are not using sound logic

@Edgar the discovery of truth tables is no less significant then the discovery of the periodic table of elements. and you need to get yourself to a point to where you can use truth tables to reduce logic in your head mentally

what makes forums a powerful tool for learning is the fact that you get to break down information that you learnt to new people trying to learn the same thing. when you do this it makes your own understanding of the content and the human thought process even stronger

@bamccaig if you want to fix your depression
1.) smoke indica ganja and play a music a instrument to harmonize your heart
2 go for a run cardio pushing yourself breathing in deep through your nose as if you are pulling the air up into the cavity in your head is your exhale through your mouth find the rhythm with your breathing and the foot steps you take while your running tunnel vision focus on targets in front of you and switch targets as you reach them
if possible make your run be to a beach because you need to drink at min a shot glass of unpolluted seawater from the ocean that means water with no boats
around near sea weeds or coral reefs
this is more effective if your are near a volcano dead or alive so an island like Bermuda is best.

and you need to cut back on meat even better not eat it at all and don't eat anything before and after for the day then run back so that your cardio make your body process the seawater. don't dry the sweat from your face let the air dry it and when your dry you can take a shower and finish your joint then sleep.

if your stomach is too weak you can boil some hot water and make ginger tea with fresh blend ginger

repeat this once a week or once every 2 weeks. you will lose weight and alcohol and things that create anxiety will lose their effect to modify your mind.

it is up to you to do the research and find out why for your self


@piccolo :
Please tell me all your greatest knowledge, even if I end up destroying the universe like an idiot, what's the problem? At least I will have done it under my responsibility and not in the name of God. Which should be well seen and valued. :)


@RmBeer2 its not my knowledge and i am no different than you so you can figure it out yourself do the last thing i suggested to bamccaig.
it is almost the equivalent to Baptism talked about in the Bible that should be enough to start you on your way to awakening.

exercise and learning make each other stronger as ying and yang so do them evenly

bamccaig said:

I would tend to agree. Anybody willing to hurt another human being is lacking various functions that a normal human being has to tell us that it's unacceptable. It may not be a "disease" or "illness" per se, but some wires are crossed anyway. The punishment for murder is severe. It's not normal to be willing to take that risk.

Yeah maybe illness is the wrong term, but abnormal brain activity or something to that effect.
Well I'm glad at least one person is interested in what I have to say here.

I find I have a very similar personality to you Bam. Just from reading your writing, and what you write. It might even be your altruistic nature that compelled you to empathize with how I felt and reply :)

I know many people think that the Myers Briggs personality test is meaningless because it's not scientific, but I got a lot out of it; I think like me you're an ISFJ (Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging).

I've had similar issues, when stress hormones get too elevated in me it feels like an out of body experience; I feel a certain way but know that it's logically not rational to feel that way. Unlike most of everyone here though, I'm 100% straight edge. I don't drink, smoke, coffee, nothing. I'm even very mindful of what I eat. It allows me to better control the variables that control me; if I feel a certain way I can just inspect the past 48 hours and look at what changed. Introducing too many variables would make that hard. So far there isn't a personal problem I could not solve by doing reflection and modifying my internal or external state to address it.

The mind really is very sensitive. Obsessions and compulsions raise my stress levels, and working in an office with people. Ever since I've been remote, my life has completely changed. I have not left the house since March, and I love it.... turns out I'm a lot more introverted than I ever thought, and it conflicts with my altruistic nature of worrying about others, and wanting to help everyone. I've learned to find a balance, but it's not easy, and can easily spiral if I'm not careful; but I've been doing really well with this and hopefully I can keep working remote.

We're just chemicals, and when there is a chemical unbalance it's like an out of body experience, it can get the better of you.


@jmasterx :
That if it is a serious mental illness, that sensation outside the body is an attempt by the mind to escape from reality, because it cannot control in any way the reality or the stressful situation in which you are involved. It is also known as a autopilot mode, your conscience goes, but your body still continues, these types of situations are more affected by those who are mandatorily ordered against their morals, ethics or idealism by someone higher in power.

EDIT ===================

This, too, would be the first step to self-induced fainting.


Edgar You have repeatedly built and attacked strawmen, not to mention the ad hominem attacks. I hope that now you realize this, you'll stop. I have not justified anybody murdering, but have defended killing in self defense, which you claim to support. In one obvious case of police malpractice that was brought up, I called for the offending police to considered for execution. In one obvious case of civilian malpractice that I brought up, I agreed that the police correctly responded with lethal force. What I object to in recent discussion include but are not limited to:
*Using statistically rare examples to claim system-wide corruption that requires gross overcorrection that would cause immediate harm.
*Ideology that shuns personal responsibility in favor of collective responsibility.
*A particular political persuasion's tendency to invalidly assign racial supremacist motives to their enemies.

If you remember our previous discussion about abortion, I disproved your argument by pointing out that based on hard science, fertilized embryos are a separate human organism with DNA unique from all others and sperm are a man's own cells containing only DNA from the man. Statistically nobody calls for a woman who had a miscarriage against her will to be imprisoned. Calling for users of the morning after pill to be met with prison time is perhaps slightly higher (since scientifically it can qualify as killing the living embryo) but is still fringe. Calling for masturbators to be met with justice is basically just the most fanatic practitioners of some religions. When you start putting qualifications on which living humans deserve the right to live, you go down a dangerous path. That's the moral position I have against abortion, based on the belief that killing should have a strong justification.

piccolo I agree that cannibalism is more of a social issue, but without studying it in detail it seems to me that animals generally would only eat their own as a last resort. I don't know if this is because predators know it is more dangerous to hunt other predators with comparable abilities or if survival of the species plays a part.

Edit: Opportunistic cannibals that don't kill their own, but would eat a corpse of their own species if they happened to come across it avoid those items of survival though.


logically execution is never the answer. this is because you are denying your self the ability to understand a solve the actuate problem if there is indeed a problem. when you deny your self new data mean you want to live ignorance and living ignorance is the only real root SIN that breeds every other. Sin

the logical solution is containment and study towards a solution.

statistics is a manifestation of underlined logic any examples of statistics rare or not is a cause for concern but you are correct gross over-correction is not the answer for the same logic execution is not the answer.

personal responsibility is limited when there is collective control

lets look at cancer to explain lines above

when a cell in the body become cancerous do you think it is that's cells personal responsibility why it became cancerous or is it the responsibility of the life form that that cell is apart of.

is it the personal responsibility of that cell to correct it self?
or is it the responsibility of the life form that controls the environment the cell is confine too?

if you study you will see that the life form as a whole takes responsibility and send out the white bloods cell.

i can not explain the next point fully because it will take to long but with bases on basic study and logical analyses of the immune system you should be able to figure out that the white blood cell if not mindlessly executing anything when it ingest it must less cancerous cell it is studying it by breaking it down to its build block and relaying the information to the core. the building blocks are use to reincarnate the cell the rest should be common knowledge.

you are correct about the egg and sperm as soon as they interact that is the start new life. but that new life is actuate the same as the only life just extended no different from cells spiting to extended themselves. me as Piccolo i wont fight anyone for what they do with their extension because is they do harm to their extensions just means they are just still to primitive to understand not do them to themselves those i could do is teach them as a fellow life form so that they elevate their consciousness to where they gain the knowledge to not put them self in the position of self harm humans have forgotten because of those that control the world but your family is a life form as a whole bring me into the next point of cannibalism

the reason cannibalism takes place in nature is because the life forms have not reach a high enough state of consciousness to where the core life form and life form extensions can be maintained under their unexpected current circumstances. example not being smart enough to be able to provide food its self(core life form) and the extensions(new born babies) in many instances the core must survive in order to provide care and food the extensions so logically it consumes some of the extension in order to make that possible or all of them will die if the core dies.

a higher state of consciousness give a life form the ability to foresee and calculate for many more unexpected circumstances. so this is why cannibalism stops as consciousness grows

i will stop before this turns into an essay of bamccaig proportions


Capital punishment is understably a divisive issue, but organisms do have a natural right to self-preservation so killing in self-defense is not so arguable. Killing in defense of others (let's say an example of this would be to kill somebody who has taken hostages) is much closer to self defense than execution. Perhaps incarceration is the only humane punishment, but it's hard for me to take a stance that no crime could ever warrant execution. Some acts are simply irredeemable, such as mass murder.

About the cancer analogy, a cell isn't a complex organism with its own higher thought processes. A cell isn't capable of making any autonomous decisions, it merely does what it is biologically designed to do or it malfunctions.


I have all the knowledge of the universe.
Unfortunately I don't feel like playing with the silly things of piccolo and bambams.


I think that I see what piccolo is saying, and it's once again very wise. The legal system arose as a form of revenge/deterrence. Instead of trying to understand why people steal or murder we just conclude that they're bad people and try to lock them away or kill them so society doesn't have to worry about them anymore.

That obviously doesn't solve the problem. It ignores it. And so the problem continues to occur. In some cases, the problem gets worse.

Ultimately, all humans (and all life forms) have unique experiences that shape the way they interact with other life forms. It's foolish to think, "I would never do that and therefore this person is wrong." That person is not you, and likely has had different experiences throughout their lives. They may have had different opportunities or endured different tribulations. They may have been treated by other people differently than you have. The complexity of inputs that defines each individual is unfathomable.

Ultimately, execution is wrong because human beings are fallible, and that goes for the judge/jury/executioner too. No matter how sure we are that we got it right there are still instances where we discover later that we got it wrong. One innocent person killed for crimes they did not commit is too many. That's exactly akin to murder, and turns all those responsible into murderers too. While it can be tempting to imagine a dangerous or crazy person no longer existing, that is a rather rudimentary instinct talking. That's not our intelligence.

It makes a lot more sense to be compassionate. To try to understand what makes people hurt others. And to do whatever we can to right the wrongs. In a perfect society where everyone was treated fairly and had every opportunity to easily succeed it might make sense to judge somebody that fails. Our societies are far from perfect though. Most people continue to suffer, and only a relatively few are privileged enough to lead happy and healthy lives. It's incredibly selfish to ignore the privileges we've had and harshly judge those that have not been so fortunate.

I think that the solution to murder, rape, theft, etc. is compassion, subsidized mental health assessment and treatment for all, and a universal livable income so that everyone's needs are comfortably met.


what you posted is the start of one of the most common awakening paths many start from. its a long path with lots of reading and research and can lead you to fail the Fear Test if you tunnel vision. You first understand that something is inefficient and make no logical sense in implementation. The next step in that path is to find out why it is implemented in that way. Then the next step than who implemented. Then you start to research and dig into the history of the who going trough the different hidden layers/decoys that mask the Who element.

When you finally find the Real who, this is when you are given the Fear Test. You become full with fear because the who has had a head start,along time to set things up to that current state. you will feel there is no way you can fight it by yourself and cower in fear seeking just keep to yourself out of their way and let it be. failing the test will block you from the rest of the information and solutions. you have to over come the fear with music and deep breaths through your nose AND continue to research. however many fail

This happens because this path takes along time to lead you to the technology and wisdom from God that will allow you stand strong and confident in any opposition. with that technology you are shown the solutions and the path to the solutions. you also are shown how weak tho who are in compared to how powerful you become all because they don't have access to technology and wisdom because of their own mentality is

this is why you must study multiple paths at the same. because if you just studied nature and gain access to some of the technology and wisdom you run the risk of getting overwhelmed and caught up in the share greatness of the inventions you will come up with and lose focus you will just become another Nikola Tesla and you will never fully understand the technology fully understanding only happens when you are able to unite the information and awaken to the core stage of enlightenment. with out that core enlightenment your inventions will go to the Beast system through patterns just like how the who intended. this is how they harvest God's knowledge from enslaved humans when they could not get from god themselves. you will comply because you are trapped in the system that controls you and your families survive based on how well you perform in the system.

and you will be indirectly helping the who to enslave humanity more


That's all very deep, piccolo. Part of me thinks you're a conspiracy nutjob, and part of me thinks you're a genius. Either way, I don't have the energy to do anything exceptional. All I can do for now is be myself. Continue to live my life within the constraints imposed upon me until such a time as I'm provoked to break from the rails. If I happen down a path of enlightenment great, but I'm unconvinced that there's any real substance to this so aside from getting stoned and letting my mind wander I don't think I'll be doing much to consciously pursue this knowledge. :)

That said, apparently my family name originates from "poets and philosophers". I found that quite fitting and neat. Probably just a happy accident/coincidence though.

In other news, I'm finally taking advantage of this beautiful weather and a work a laptop and doing some work on the deck:


Edgar Reynaldo

Three cheers for working outside.

Piccolo, lay off whatever kind of drugs you're on man. Come back to reality.


@bamccaig :
Nice image. You made it in blender?

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