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StatTrek Linux

I finally managed to compile the latest version of my StarTrek game..
It's for LINUX, so if you are running Linux please try it.

it is FAR from finished, but I want to know if and how it runs on other's computer :-)

You CAN however fight klingons and/or romulans..
ow and one more thing... Kahn is also out there... try to find him..
( and use the same trick as in "The wrath of kahn" !!!)


P.S. I cannot upload to via FTP :(
So I used wetransfer.. not verry nice but.. it works


Lubuntu 18.04.4

Works without any problems.

Does the game resolution have to be fixed?
It would be nice if the game could adapt to resizable window or fullscreen window.
Currently it wont fit to my small notebook monitor when run in windowed mode.

I do not know how to play it but the Klingons declared war on my anyways :)


Nice to hear !
I don't know if I can make the game adapt to different resolutions.
But I may try in the future..

If you have any ideas, by all means go ahead.
It's opensource ( and on GITHUB now) ;)

Edgar Reynaldo

I'll try it tomorrow. ;)

Frank Drebin

After commenting out 2 errors I was able to compile the game on Windows. I played for a while but couldn't find any enemies... Where can I find them :o


If you press F3 you'll see a map of the universe with all known sectors in it ( unknown sectors have a question mark) Pressing F5 ...F7 will give you several modes of that same map. The Klingon empire and the Romulan empire are already implemented.
you can use the arrow keys to scroll the map.

F5 shows you the planets, stars etc
F6 shows you how strong a fleet is represented in that sector
F7 shows you to what civilization that sector belongs..

A sector becomes "Known" if you fly through it OR if a probe reaches it or one of it's neighbouring sectors. press P to launch a probe.

in the future sectors can be won or lost by the federation, klingons or romulans..

So if you go to the Klingon or romulan empire you will definitely find enemies..
besides Khan is also there ;)

Please report any errors or bugs ..

Edgar Reynaldo

Things like this belong in a README


Manual.txt in the game dir ;)

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