Distributed computing against Corona


Folding@home is using it's distrubuted computing network to search for a cure.
So if you have a spare computer or some processortime to share, please join in !

The more computers in the network, the better !

Thanks in advance !

Edgar Reynaldo

Just downloaded. Installing now.

I selected "Medium" workload, and now my fan is humming along. Let's make an Allegro team on Folding At Home!


There is an "Allegro" team, but it doesn't appear to be us (or is it): https://stats.foldingathome.org/team/39030. If that's not us we can create one here: https://apps.foldingathome.org/team.

I have my company desktop at home which is pretty decent so I configured it on Friday to contribute when idle. It has solved ~15 work units so far (some may have been forgotten since I started out anonymous, and then worked for a while without a passkey too).


My common use computer at home (surfing, development) has a cheap video card so it doesn't look like the F@H client is getting any work units in. I ordered a new gaming computer though so it will probably get my old GTX 1060, so it will probably work after that.

Edgar Reynaldo

I can't get it to run on my GPU I've tried default settings, gpuid 0 and 1 and -1 (I have two gpus, a shitty integrated Radeon and an NVIDIA GTX20Xsomething or other. It doesn't run on either on any setting.

Somehow it's stuck on "Paused : waiting for idle" even though I removed that setting and told it to fold multiple times. It worked once and then hasn't worked since.

As for the cpu folding, it just burns out one core and makes my fan spin.

o/ I got it to work by cranking it up to medium and resetting the gpu core. It's working! It's working!


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