Allegro 5.2.6 released!


Barely beating the one year anniversary of 5.2.5 release, I bring you the 5.2.6 release! Yes!

You can find the source tarballs and MinGW binaries here (dependencies MinGW binaries are here). Nuget packages are available here. Ubuntu and OSX packages aren't ready yet, but will be made soon. Ubuntu packages are available in the PPA.

Here's the changelog:

Changes from 5.2.5 to 5.2.6 (February 2020)

The main developers this time were: SiegeLord, Peter Hull, Karthik Kumar Viswanathan, Elias Pschernig, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, Doug Thompson, PmProg, RmBeer.


  • Fix timestamps being clamped to ints on touch inputs with X11.

  • Fix al_utf8_width argument type mismatch on platforms where sizeof(int) != 4.

  • Fix building for GNU/Linux without GNU extensions enabled

  • Some refactoring to simplify adding new drivers.


  • Fix for OpenGL version selection and reporting on Windows and X (Edgar Reynaldo).

  • Report OpenGL version in display options on Android, iOS and Raspberry Pi.

  • Fix creation of the bitmap depth buffer for non-square bitmaps (Kevin Wellwood).

  • Fix ALLEGRO_ALPHA_TEST_VALUE not being interpreted correctly.

  • Fix reported bitshifts for ARGB_4444 and RGBA_4444 pixel formats.

  • Fix alpha test with the GLSL version.


  • Do not build Android examples outside of Android.

  • Use the cmake toolchain provided by the Android NDK.

  • Use FLAG_KEEP_SCREEN_ON instead of a wakelock for screensaver inhibition.

  • Use DisplayListener to listen to orientation changes.

  • Implement ALLEGRO_FRAMELESS on Android. This hides the navigation buttons and the bar on top.



  • Ensure system calls happen on the main thread.

  • Make things work on Catalina.


  • Fix pthreads (Andreas Rönnquist).


  • Implement Windows version check using non-deprecated functions.

  • Abstract UNICODE vs ANSI string handling, switch to using UNICODE by default.

  • Enable debug window for DEBUGMODE on Windows.


  • Fix requesting GLES profile on GL Allegro.

  • Add audio recorder implementation.

  • Don't link with dl, it's unnecessary.


  • Add a whole bunch of al_is_*_initialized functions (Mark Oates).

Acodec addon:

  • Add MP3 support via the MiniMP3 library.

Audio addon:

  • Allow calling al_destroy_audio_recorder on NULL.

  • Fix some stream garbage audio issues for high playback speeds.

Image addon:

  • Add support for FreeImage library.

  • Always prefer non-system image loaders.

Python wrapper:

  • Fix a number of bugs (zachs18 and others).


  • Add an .editorconfig file.

  • Convert our internal Python scripts to Python 3.


  • ex_draw_bitmap - Add more options.


f495e92f730bf2d2a8835693b1f2318f38ba2de672b13351bdf19610d98ccc7e  allegro-
5de8189ec051e1865f359654f86ec68e2a12a94edd00ad06d1106caa5ff27763  allegro-
5ffee7ef66ab09b2f6f3dea0c16ce891e8937c9475e8f1ef1d5d717121613b63  Allegro.5.2.6.nupkg
2b79315227559d644e3787f6d77eeff72e8660aa3261ba5f70f9245807d05d7d  AllegroDeps.1.11.0.nupkg


Cookies for all the developers involved that made this possible!

Thank you!

Gideon Weems

Holy heck, I never fully appreciated how many platforms Allegro runs on. I mean, GNU Hurd? That's incredible.


Frank Drebin



Thank you all, past and present!
Your hard work, time, energy and selfless sharing of your knowhow are truly appreciated.

Edgar Reynaldo

Well done peeps.

I don't know if I'll build binaries yet, as MinGW-W64 hasn't updated their gcc packages yet for download.


Beauuuutiful. What's the timescale for those hot'n'tasty Ubuntu PPAs?

dthompson said:

Beauuuutiful. What's the timescale for those hot'n'tasty Ubuntu PPAs?

Sorry, I've been very ill the past week, I'll try getting them done by next weekend.


Thank you! (and sorry to hear that) :(


Ubuntu packages are now available.


Cool, I can get the packages but there seem to be some weird dependency problems on 18.04:

Step 5/16 : RUN apt-get install -y liballegro5.2 liballegro-acodec5.2 liballegro-audio5.2 liballegro-dialog5.2 liballegro-image5.2 liballegro-physfs5.2 liballegro-ttf5.2 liballegro-video5.2 liballegro5-dev liballegro-acodec5-dev liballegro-audio5-dev liballegro-dialog5-dev liballegro-image5-dev liballegro-physfs5-dev liballegro-ttf5-dev liballegro-video5-dev
 ---> Running in 595e07f402a8
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
or been moved out of Incoming.
The following information may help to resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 liballegro-image5-dev : Depends: libpng12-dev but it is not installable
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

nb. libpng12-dev is gone as of 16.04, and the package in question's 5.2.5 build used libpng-dev:

Depends: liballegro-image5.2 (= 2:, liballegro5-dev (= 2:, libjpeg-dev, libpng-dev, libwebp-dev


Thanks, should be fixed now.


Works beautifully. Thanks! ;D


Well done.

Mark Oates

Awe heck yuh

I can't wait to start dropping these new functions in. 8-)


All hail to you all !

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