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Frank Drebin

Hey guys,

recently I'm having issues logging in to For years I was using the login page to enter my user name and password to login without any problems. Since some weeks doing so just brings me back to the login page with all entry field empty and without error message but I am still logged out. This happens on several different browsers.

Now you may wonder: how could I start this post. What does work is the following: If I check the box "Enable Auto-Login" and try to login then an error page shows up. After going back I am logged in. So finally I managed a way to log in but I wanted to point this out because something seems to be wrong and it may happen to somebody else....

Edgar Reynaldo

Email m a t t h e w @ a l l e g r o . c c


It has been like this for months. I think Matt wanted to make sure you pass a basic IQ test to post. >:(

Matthew Leverton

I think I accidentally fixed it.

Frank Drebin

It seems to work now. Thanks Matthew ;D


I think I accidentally fixed it.

What? I mean, what? I mean, this thread starts on 22-09-2013 10:41 PM but latest message is 15-01-2020 5:42 AM.

I mean, what? ???


Matthew keeps the site again???


there are treads locked now that i did not get to comment in because i was unable to long in

Mark Oates

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls (probably no girls here, but whatever). The man himself. The man, the myth, the legend. He is returned.


Will he correct your grammar? Will he ignore requests for features? Will he drop an epic bomb town sweet feature that we all didn't even know we needed, yet never knew how much we wanted?

Condolences to your return, our fearless leader.


P.S. He's already gone.



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