Allegro 5 on Linux Mint [installation]

I just installed Allegro 5.2 via ppa on Linux mint.
But, when trying to compile anything, several add on headers (allegro-ttf.h, allegro-image.h) are not found.. allegro.h itself IS found though..
Is there anything I need to know ? Or something I'm missing..

After years of being forced to use windows only I finally have my linux machine baback....

Thanks already 😉

@Edgar Reynaldo... Yes I was just gonna try your suggestion in the other topic..
It took some time since I moved from Limburg to Gelderland .. still in the Netherlands..

Edgar Reynaldo

Hey AriesNL, how's it goin? Been a while...

Please link the other topic so I can refresh my mind.

Do you know where the ppa installed allegro? Typically it's /usr/local/include


I was refering to this topic

I attached some screenshots to illustrate what is going on..

The install path seems to be usr/include/Allegro5
As you can see in the code::blocks screenshot the standard allegro headers are found...

How is it going.. could be a bit better.. my girlfriend was hospitalized with kidney stones.. just one dag after relocating to Renkum. But she is home again now..
Waiting until the damned thing will crack and come out..:-/

Edgar Reynaldo

That's a CB project problem. Did you add /usr/local/include to the list of search directories for the compiler? And /usr/local/lib for the linker?


No, it is /usr/include/allegro5 since that is the install dir.
Should it be /usr/local/lib ? ???


As you can see from my last scteenshot.. the that headers code::blocks is missing are NOT in the Allegro5 dir ???

Edgar Reynaldo

Then the ppa is crap.

Build allegro yourself.


Got it working !
it seems PPA does NOT install everything as the wiki implies ::)

ALL addons need to be installed too !

so this "sudo apt-get install liballegro5-dev" is NOT the whole story..

This is the correct way:

Mark Oates

One of the things I noticed working on Mac is how few "extra steps" are needed. I picked up a Windows laptop the other day and naturally started setting it up for building with Allegro and dgaf about anything else. Anyway, all these extra steps to add the PATH, use this terminal for A, use that terminal for B. The Windows UX is not very nice either, (partly from a lack of familiarity), but I've already run into a few annoying bugs with windows permissions screens.

I would find it frustrating to spend a lot of time in there. For my concerns, I intend to drive most of my development with Mac, and have some communication protocol that drives builds and runs tests on the Windows platform.

So far I've had to install MinGW through some installer I downloaded from the internet, and also Cmake as well. It feels sloppy and vulnerable to adware. With Mac it's literally brew install allegro and it works (assuming you have brew which is just an equally easy terminal command). Building from source is really easy too, which is what I'm doing now so I can be at edge.

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