truetype font addon
William Labbett


I've been using a font with the truetype addon.

Inspection of this image :


will show that since the leftmost number was drawn at location (8, 0), and the font
was loaded with fontsize equal to 16, there are 3 white pixels above the first pixel that makes the number. There is also one below. So the font size was 16 but the actual character size is 16 - 3 - 1 = 12.

Does anyone know if the actual character size is determined in a predictable way?

something like

character size = f(fontsize) ?

Edgar Reynaldo

Fonts have an 'ascent', a 'descent' and a 'line height'. You probably want a font with no descent.

You may have better luck with a bitmap font, or a fixed width font, which may or may not still have descent.

You're probably looking for al_get_font_line_height.

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