Food Chain Farm 0.4 released

Hey everybody

After a bit of a delay, a new version of Food Chain Farm is here.


Visit the web page
Download Windows installer
Download Linux .tar.gz

What's new?

I delayed the release a bit, because I wasn't satisfied with the way building worked and I decided to do a complete overhaul. Now, building is easier than ever! Just drag the mouse and lay entire pipelines in one go. You just have to try it, it's super smooth and satisfying! While you are dragging, you have exact control, yet you can easily undo by dragging backwards. I use A* to calculate paths around objects, to make it even easier to lay down long paths.

Plus, there is a complete new level that explores how oxygen and food are processed inside your body (it's level eight, if you're counting). You have to lay down blood vessels to connect to the lungs to provide oxygen, stomach to provide food, kidney to get rid of excess water, and the heart to pump it all around. Should make for an interesting challenge!

On special request by Edgar Reynaldo, you can zoom out further to get a better overview of each level.

And, there are three new fantastic sound tracks bringing the total to 8 minutes of original music.

Check it out!

Oh and I started bringing the game to, so I can start taking donations in this early development phase. Is anyone else here using What are your experiences?

Edgar Reynaldo

Sounds like you filled out my wishlist quite nicely!!! Thanks!

I'll be playing it soon!


After 3 days I got 14 downloads on, which is more than I expected, given the huge quantity of competition. It was probably a good decision to put it there.

No donations yet though :)


Your game is creepy... :-[


But creepy good, right? :P


i agree. :P

although I don't agree with the use of


Really? I'm curious, what do you not like about


The main problem I see on is that most games are "demos" of complete games that aren't on But it is not a problem of but from creators.

Nice to see the game on I'll follow it.

Niunio said:

The main problem I see on is that most games are "demos" of complete games that aren't on

I can see why that would be annoying, but at the same time, I think I get why the game publishers do that.

When I look at the analytics in, I get something like this:

Top traffic sources	15	12	8	7

In other words, most people stumble on my game because it's (currently) free. The itch community is looking for free games, and it seems like a paid game would get much lower traffic, because that's not what the audience wants.


That's why I hate, the public of itch just wants everything for free, they don't care if they are games or not, they don't care if it's right or wrong, they don't care as long as they feel they are parasitizing someone. :/


That among other things, which the owner of the server does not care about anything either and they use junk technology such as HTTP and its derivatives, they put a container of Adsenses with Trojans, and perhaps they themselves also enter malicious code in JS or other media. And with this, like all sites, they promote junk technology.
also because he has taken my idea to make a game server and turn it into shit.


What about Gamejolt? I didn't used it so I have nothing to say about it but may be you do.


Well, to increase the audience it might be good to be on as many sites as possible.
It seems that GameJolt focuses on free games even more explicitly than Which is fine for now, but I do want to put the game up for sale at one point, once it's really good enough.

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