Stopping console window opening (Win32)

So I'm almost done with porting my game to Allegro and I no longer need to have the console (DOS) window open when the game starts. (I'll be moving console output to a log file). In visual Studio 2015, how to you stop the console window opening when you run an allegro program.

Related question. Can I get rid of the application close "x" in the upper right corner of the window of the main application? (I don't use it anyway.

Edgar Reynaldo

First hit on Google :

As for getting rid of the close button, I could tell you but I won't. You should be catching ALLEGRO_EVENT_DISPLAY_CLOSE and closing your program accordingly.

Neil Roy

For my own games, using Code::Blocks and MinGW, I compile my games in debug mode using the console, so I have debug output. And I compile it in Windows mode for release version which doesn't have a console window.

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