address of bitmap in gpu


using vcdbg reloc, i find this line:

0x391011e0: used 2.0M (refcount 1 lock count 0, size 2097152, align 4096, data 0x39102000, d1rual) 'Texture blob'

how can i find from C program (allegro5, Rpi) which image was al_load_bitmap() at that address ?



If you are not logging the associated pointer adress at the moment you got it, not way to easily get the information correlated to what vcdbg said.

What you can do is eventually check the bitmap sizes and see if one eventually have the same size as the vcdbg logged one.

That, or run your code in valgrind / dbx / whatever memory leak checked you want.

Chris Katko

I mean, if you had a modified malloc or manually kept a list of every bitmap as you make them, you could then search the list for matches / print it to stdout for debugging.

I don't think there's any way to "reverse a pointer" without doing extra work, or special tool.

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