Any plans for upcoming speedhacks?
Mark Oates

I need some motivation to throw something together.

Edgar Reynaldo

I vote for a resurrection hack. Take something old and bring it back to life. Port it, update it, upgrade it, hack it in some way for a few days and see what you can do with it.





A resurrection hack would also bring more known games on the new API. I second Edgar :-)

Chris Katko

I'm currently hacking on the One Hour One Life codebase. :)

I forked it for showing live, proof-of-concept, of my ideas. Also, within about an hour, I got a higher resolution mode working.



(Looks like one left tile of overdrawn. TWO tiles on the right. ;D at off-by-one error.)

Currently their server's send data early (outside the screen) to allow overdrawing (that is, 10px of a 300px object, before the whole object is in frame).

I play on a 55" 4K screen (not bragging.) and the DPI with this game literally makes me nauseous at default scale when I travel.

I'm still reading through to figure out whether I can make more actual drawing distance occur. (objects and all). Because I think the game would be WAY more playable than the insane hardcoded low resolution of 720p (1280x720p). You can't even buy a laptop in the last ~8 years with lower than 1366x768!

The code... some of it is nicely laid out. Other parts... are horrific. You can tell what parts he has experience with and what he doesn't / what was hacked in because the game concept changed from when he started. Lots of stuff being learned for planning my future projects.

Also, he uses ASCII text sent over http for all game connections. And I can't tell if that's bad... or horrific. Because he basically has to parse every single MESSAGE TYPE ... by parsing ENTIRE STRINGS. (scanf!) That cannot be fast!

Especially since he wanted his servers to support TWO HUNDRED concurrent players! Right now, they're capped at 60 and still laggy because they were insanely laggy (15+ seconds!) on launch. I think it's not just "lag" but something happening causing a huge connection deadlock or something. Because I'll be frozen, while many other player move about. Like my input connection (or message buffer) is full, while others can update AND send their updates to me (from the server).

I don't really want to fix his netcode for him. More, trying my own expansions and demo'ing ideas I think the game should already have.


I'd join a resurrection hack :)

Maybe we can put something together for the occasion of easter?

Edgar Reynaldo

Can we at least call it resurrection hack and not easter hack? Easter is a pagan holiday that takes away from the real time to commemorate, which is Passover.

Chris Katko

Easter is a pagan holiday that takes away from the real time to commemorate, which is Passover.

Jesus Christ.

Edgar Reynaldo
Chris Katko said:

Jesus Christ is our Passover


Easter is derived from Ishtar, which is an idol and a false god. Rolling easter eggs and eating chocolate bunnies is not Christian. You're supposed to be commemorating the sacrifice of Christ. He's the one who earned our place in heaven and earned the forgiveness of our sins with his blood.

I didn't want to make a big deal out of this, but Easter should be abolished in its entirety. If you're gonna be a Christian, worship the Father and the Son, not a freaking chocolate rabbit. I didn't mind when I was a kid because I didn't know any better, and candy and colored eggs can pull the wool over your eyes but there's a time for everybody to grow up and become an adult with a brain instead of a kid with a sugar tooth.

Neil Roy

Hmph, Edgar and I agree on something! Well said. ;)

I think "resurrection hack" makes the most sense when involving resurrecting an old game and modernizing it or whatever. Would be fun, even though I only ever took part in one of the past Speedhacks (the first one).


Easter is a statutory holiday and a chance to gather with the extended family. No need for anything religious about it. Even when I was a Christian nobody ever spoke of Christian themes at Easter unless you were in church. Get over yourselves. >:(

Neil Roy

Can we please stick to discussion about a resurrection-hack? Man alive...

Mark Oates

πŸ‘For resurrection hack. Set a time, I'm there.

Neil Roy said:

Man alive...

He is risen!!

Neil Roy

He is risen!!

LMAO, I never even thought of it that way! ;D

Edgar Reynaldo

Since this is an informal hack, we need to discuss the rules and what is considered participation in the hack, and how long it should be etc...

For example, I think positive participation for the hack could be to resurrect a depot game with available source code and hack it for three days. You could port it from Allegro 4 to Allegro 5, add a feature, fix some bugs, update code, do whatever you want with it. And it doesn't have to be someone else's code it can be your own code, and it doesn't have to be from the depot, that was just an example.

I say 72 hours from Friday 6PM until Monday 6PM or Noon UTC or Midnight UTC or whatever 3 days later. Or maybe we could spend a whole week on a hack. That's a more realistic expectation. You do have to understand someone else's code, or else your own old stinky code you would rather replace.

You could port an old game to another language, or just give it a fresh update with new binaries from new compilers and new libraries.

Or if you're feeling artistic, make an art pack for an old game with bad graphics.

Take something dead, and make it alive. ;D xD

We have somewhat around 4 weeks to plan.

Let's come up with some rules and some ideas, and perhaps some hosting options.


Mark Oates

72hrs πŸ‘
Any already pre-existing code or "completed" game πŸ‘
Friday to Monday sounds good, because shouldn't interfere with work


I can make the TINS site available if desired.

All we need now is to pick some dates!


March 30th to April 1st would seem appropriate.

Day of crucifixion to day of resurrection.


Those dates work for me!

Mark Oates
DanielH said:

March 30th to April 1st

Oh wow that works perfectly!


That should work for me too !

Edgar Reynaldo

Participation could be as simple as reviving some old forum code that you think is too cool to die.

For example, I found Bloobs! by Johan Peitz and recompiled it from source. I slowed down the timer a bit so you could see what is going on. Hold tab to run full speed.

Bloobs! modified src + static win32 binary



I'll be spending that weekend with my wife's family celebrating some pagan holiday... but I should find a few hours working on our ancient teamhack game again!


Quick show of hands - who would like me to turn on the TINS website for this event? I could do it easily, but I don't want to force-feed it.



Mark Oates




Even though I may not be able to enter, but just in case.

Edgar Reynaldo

Being able to use the TINS website would be great, amarillion, thanks. ;)

I think we should be able to research what we want to do before the compo starts.

Also, we should make a starting entry that is a snapshot of the source code as you start with, and then take a snapshot at the end, and make a diff of the differences.


I'm following this thread. May be I'll join it.


Hand ! I was in a cave for the last few weeks.


Ok, the competition page at the TINS site has been opened!

If you have an account, you can log in here

After logging in, you can join the competition here:

If you don't have an account yet, simply create one here:

I changed the dates to 12AM friday to 12AM monday. Just to stick with the TINS/Speedhack tradition. Keep in mind that the daylight savings time switchover is coming (Or already happened in America I think).

The rules page still has placeholder text at the moment, I will refine it in the coming days.

To come back to Edgar's question about research. I think you should be free to do a lot of things before the competition starts.

This is an informal hack, and the main goal is to motivate ourselves to do some game development! I think the deadline is strict, but I'm open to let the start time be more of a guideline than a hard rule.

I also wonder what we want to do about voting. For me, the most interesting thing would be to get reviews for all the entries, I don't really care if we pick a winner or not.


Amarillion: Change the first link because it says "Error: requires login first".


Thanks, updated. I suppose it should really redirect automatically, but I don't have time to fix that now.

Mark Oates


What's the time zone?




Joined 8-)

Chris Katko

Hmm.. I might join.

Edgar Reynaldo

@Chris Katko

Hmm.. I might join.

This is a mite :

Don't be a mite.

I joined!

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