Hello, friend.How to create a camera?

I tried to create the camera with a single screen, but according to the wiki I was creating something weird.

No one can provide some reference to it? :-/

The example on the wiki is really a headache for me. :-X
He does not have coherent thinking, much less an example. :(

Who can help me and patted...


People will be able to help you better if you perhaps showed some of your source code of what you tried already. Which example did you look at? The more details, the better people on here can help. :)


Also, what kind of game are you doing? 2D, 3D? And what kind of camera, first person, 3th person...?

And what programming language: C, Python, Pascal, C++...?

Chris Katko

camera_x = 0; //have keyboard controls increase or decrease these.
camera_y = 0;

void draw_my_stuff_at(object_x - camera_x, object_y - camera_y)

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