A nother millon dolar game idea

Hey guys King Piccolo here. I have another game idea that i need some advice on.

The game is a multi player, client server, cross platform, mobile game.


1.) I have not made a mobile game before.

Can someone please point me to some documents on the best way to start making these type of games code, market to release using Allegro 5.

2.) The game is outrageously simple and can be made in less then 4 hours.

can some one tell me the best way to release the game so that i can get big first before it is copied by the big wig gaming companies.

I am hoping to use this idea to get back on my feet after my boat sank.

Thanks for the help.

Bob Keane

This is written with Unity but the logic should be the same. I haven't tried it though.

Edgar Reynaldo

Xamarin is supposed to be a cross platform mobile development 'framework'.

You can also use Allegro or Android Studio.


I went pass unity for now because that is a little to much for how simple the game in right now.

I am looking at the Xamarin calculator demo project right now. I am going to morph it into my prototype to cut down on the learning curve.

It would be super nice if i could use allegro because i already know how to make regular games using Allegro . but i don't know how to interface with the cellar systems using Allegro.

Edgar Reynaldo
Piccolo said:

i don't know how to interface with the cellar systems using Allegr

To interface with the phone's OS itself, you'll need platform specific code. Xamarin may provide it, but likely you'll be writing OS specific code.

You might want to try to get your basic game running with Allegro and Android Studio. That would at least get you running on Android. There's an example program for Android, but I don't know much about it and I've never taken the plunge myself yet.


i am hopping the calls for the phone hardware is standardized some how because all phones pretty much have the same hardware

im going to get it working in the Xamarin calculator demo project first because it has all the example to Ios and android right there i just have to modify.

the game is so stupidly simple to make that why i am worried about Problem 2.
I can release it and become very successful or I can release it and start a wave of copy cats

This is the problem i need the most help with. i was thinking about finding out where i could go to get some professional help but i don't know where to start

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