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Edgar Reynaldo

Hi Peeps!

I'm looking for a SIMPLE way to plot 3D equations. Is my only option Mathematica? I looked at gnuplot, but the manual stinks, I looked at MatPlotLib for Python, and it doesn't look like it can do 3D easily (if at all), and I just don't know where to look.

I've got some equations, and I can't visualize them myself, and hand plotting 3D sucks. I'm interested in what happens around the y axis and the origin. I know my equation converges on 1, but I need to see the part close to the origin, which is more chaotic.

Of course, I could program it myself, but I'd really like to avoid this if at all possible.


This is the best I've found so far :

Graphing Calculator 3D


Scilab, octave, R, ...

Chris Katko

Wolfram Alpha

Edgar Reynaldo
ks said:

Scilab, octave, R, ...

From a cursory look, these are programming languages. I don't want to have to program anything. I just want to type in an equation and the bounds and see the results. GraphingCalculator3D seems to do that fairly well.

Wolfram Alpha

Too limited in its plotting capabilities. You can't rotate, translate, or otherwise change the view on the plot.

Thanks for your help, but I think I'm happy with GC3D. Look how pretty it is! xD


Chris Katko

Octave is a free (and actually better) MATLAB implementation. Now this is probably overkill but you "could" dump your output to MATLAB code, and then use Octave to render it.


So my question is, what format are these equations? Are you just trying to visualize a couple of hand equations? Or are you visualizing output from one of your programs?

Because Octave plots supports all the standard rotation/etc.

(And Wolfram Alpha supports rotating/panning/etc... but they hide it behind "interactive" graphs which you have you buy a Pro plan (~$5 month). That's kind of dickish. But you get tons more than panning/etc for that. I imagine that's just one of their "hooks" to get people to even notice the premium plan.)

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