Build all libraries in to one?

I'm using Allegro 4.3. I've recently tried static linking my program. For Windows, Edgar was nice enough to walk me through it. There was a long list of files to add. When I tried for Linux, obviously the same list of files wouldn't work. There was another long work around needed.

I'm just wondering if the groups of library files couldn't be combined or compiled into one file.



Allegro 5 has a Monolith build if you want to switch to A5.


Sounds good. How different is A4 to A5? I understood A5 to work more like Visual C+ as in being event driven. While I've played around with that before I tend to still use the top down type approach.

I'll look up a few tutorials.

Also I assume by Monolith you mean I can use a single all encompassing file or a command that will grab the files for me?

Thanks for the reply


Yes monolith means 1 dll for all allegro modules.

A5 is event driven but there are things like al_get_keystate if you like polling.

Edgar Reynaldo

If you're using GCC, you can probably use the 'ar' tool to do what you want.

I think you can add any .a or .o to an .a using ar :

ar -rcs monolith.a x.a y.a z.o z2.o etc.o

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