The path to equality can't begin till everyone hotter than me is unemployed.
Chris Katko

Argh, more politics! Man alive, I may just start watching sports (except NFL) to get away from it all... and I hate sports. ;)

Chris Katko

This is sports. :P

Edgar Reynaldo

So the NFL is gonna ban cheerleaders, too? :'(

Chris Katko

We can only hope so! The only good job for a woman is apparently one where you never see her!

Edgar Reynaldo

The solution is of course, wait for it...

Global Warming!!! (So they can't stand to wear clothes in the first place!)


So they can't stand to wear clothes in the first place!

In just over a month I'm moving to the sunniest (and one of the warmest) places in the country, which is where I've been holidaying for the last two weeks. Apart from the tail end of a tropical storm that hit us a couple of days ago the weather has been wonderful and everyone wears very little.

I'm gonna love it here. I've spent time at the beach nearly every day.

This beach is 10-15 minutes away...


Chris Katko

I was just talking to my wife after watching some surfer d-bag's youtube video about live beachside in paradise. I was like, "You ever wonder why we live here?" Like this place has almost nothing beautiful. And there's no reason we HAVE to live at this exact spot, state, or whatever.

Could you imagine waking up every day, looking out your window to perfect weather, and watching beautiful rolling hills of New Zealand (et al), or sandy beaches, or rocky misty cliffsides adoring the ocean?

I can't help but feel like that would filter into your subconciousness. Like it would make you happier and more energetic.

And living in a dreary metropolis, I can imagine the opposite. Nothing but concrete as far as the eye can see. Cars honking every minute of every day--and all through the night. People screaming at each other. Even ignoring the crime, the constant "panic" of people trying to get past the rows of people in the way to try and spend a mere 3 minutes of their 30 minute lunch break actually eating while the rest is travelling back to work. I'd go insane. I'd die inside.

My current place isn't that bad. But it's nothing amazing either. So I wonder, if all it takes is simply... a change of venue... why not... change the venue?

A IT contractor I interact with through one of our mutual clients, lives in France 11 months out of the year and only comes to South Carolina when he absolutely has to (or the other month). Otherwise, he works remotely. He lives in the remote hills of France, up on some kind of mountain or high hill with various wildlife, plants, rolling hills, beautiful rivers, etc. And he used to live in the USA. He's always so happy when I call him when he's in France. I can't help but feel like something of his environment soaks into his inner being and heals him / reduces his stress / increases his general enjoyment of life while dealing with the same set of problems I might have here in my town.

And tons of artists, when they go to record an album or get "inspiration" take vacations or rent a house somewhere beautiful. Incubus wrote the album with "Wish you Were Here" after renting a house on the California beach. And they talked about being able to go from recording, to running onto the sand and surfing the sparkling ocean within seconds.


If you listen to the lyrics, it's pretty obvious where the influence of surfing/diving/etc blends into the song.


I dig my toes into the sand.
The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket.
I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment i am happy.

Come to think of it, Bjork remarks about cliffsides:



We live on a mountain
Right at the top
There's a beautiful view
From the top of the mountain

Every morning I walk towards the edge
And throw little things off
Like car-parts, bottles and cutlery
Or whatever I find lying around
It's become a habit
A way to start the day

I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you

Somehow, I can't imagine she'd write that if she lived her whole live in a boring city and never left or traveled.


Could you imagine waking up every day, looking out your window to perfect weather, and watching beautiful rolling hills of New Zealand (et al), or sandy beaches, or rocky misty cliffsides adoring the ocean?

I've been imagining that since I decided to move here permanently from the city about 3 weeks ago. ;)

LennyLen said:

I'm gonna love it here. I've spent time at the beach nearly every day.

I'm jealous! Looks great!

I would love to move out of the city, but can't afford it. I've lived in the same place so long that my rent is now ridiculously cheap compared to everywhere else.

I told my wife that I'm dying in this apartment. ;D


The only good job for a woman is apparently one where you never see her!

I hear you...




I think it's really blatantly shameful that "Feminism" is harming women, but the truth is that it always has. Not every woman wants to work at a job. Some, perhaps most, would be perfectly content managing a household. We all know they still try even when they are working at a job, and it's more difficult for them because of it. "Why don't the men do it!" the Feminists cry. Typically because the men are working longer hours, sometimes at more demanding or dangerous jobs, already. Falls on deaf ears. They don't want to hear that.

These days unless you happen to get a particularly dangerous, demanding, or cushy job a single income is often not enough to support a family. Many women do not have a choice anymore. They have to work. Nevermind that child care is very expensive, so we typically have to subsidize that through taxes so they can even have time to do it. The entire system is fucked up from it. And yet, most women aren't working fulfilling jobs. They are taking minimum wage jobs doing retail and the like. Even when they pursue a higher purpose it is generally limited to fields that Feminists aren't satisfied with because they don't pay enough. Most still want to be moms, and full-time moms don't have time to work full time at a demanding job. Something has to give.

There are also corners of Feminism fighting for women's right to be sexualized. Even fighting for women's right to do outright sex work, like stripping and prostitution. The movement has 12 heads. None of them can agree on what they believe. It's ridiculous that this has so much power in society since it so clearly doesn't know what the Hell it even wants, let alone what is good or fair or right. It's infuriating.

We need more people, both men and women, to wake the fuck up to the lies and push back.

Neil Roy said:

I would love to move out of the city, but can't afford it. I've lived in the same place so long that my rent is now ridiculously cheap compared to everywhere else.

Oh man. My finacée is obsessed with us buying a house right after we get married (this year!), but I don't know where she thinks the down-payment, let alone monthly bills are going to come from. Right now I'm paying a relatively good price for rent of our one-bedroom apartment. If we move anywhere our price is going to go up. Unfortunately, we'll have to move eventually if we start a family, but it's hard to even consider it when we'd be sacrificing our relatively cheap rent. I don't know how she imagines we'll afford paying a mortgage payment equivalent to monthly rent (currently all-inclusive), PLUS utilities, PLUS taxes, PLUS insurance, PLUS other expenses I can't even quantify like lawn and driveway care... It's a wonderful dream to own your own house, and I suspect related to various shifts in society it is also out of reach for most of us.


I pay $681 for a two bedroom. Everywhere else is like, $800 for a one bedroom, and that is a cheap price, I think two bedroom apartments are like $1000 or more.

I've been in the same place for 25 years now, since I was 27. The location is convenient as well, everything is close by and what isn't close, well, the bus stop's a block away. Since they built a Giant Tiger two blocks away I knew I was here to stay! ;) Beer and liquor stores are also only a couple blocks away. 8-) (not that I drink much but)


That's pretty awesome! I currently pay about $730 for a one bedroom. And it climbs by about $15/mo every year, but I imagine yours does too. This same apartment is probably over $830 by now if I were to start renting now (I think I have been here for about 8 years now).

It's not a bad location, but fortunately I currently own 2 (3) vehicles so even though the bus stops outside the door we don't have to use it [yet]. The city is small enough that we can get anywhere in under 20 minutes, but there isn't much to go to either. But the bus system in my city isn't very ideal.

Liquor is no longer a short walk away, but beer is still accessible by foot in a pinch (I've never done it though). But yeah, this building used to be a lot nicer a few years back.

It was mostly elderly people so all the neighbors were friendly and quiet. As they pass on or move into other homes though it seems they are renting to just anyone (probably how I got an apartment here!). It seems the building is starting to get a bit more riff-raffy, but they're also accepting housing units subsidized by the government so those people tend to not care too much and tend to hang around with bad crowds... But I try not to judge. As long as they leave my "wife" and I alone, live and let live.

It's still a pretty decent building to live in. I didn't know you have been in yours since you were 27. I think I moved into mine when I was about 25. I'm curious why you never bought a house. The missus keeps dreaming of buying a house shortly after we marry, but I have no idea where she thinks we'll get the money from. Everybody says it's cheaper to buy a house than rent, but their maths must work different from mine because I can't figure out how they arrive at that. The only benefit it seems is that if you manage to struggle and keep the mortgage paid then you'll eventually have sort of kind of saved money in the house, but only as much as you also pay in to maintain the house... So in the end I imagine it's a gamble whether you really have anything to show for it or not in the end.


Our rent just went up by $12, it was $669 last month. There is a limit to how much they can raise it legally.

I have never really been interested in owning a home. Home owners are who the government comes after with taxes to pay for everything it seems.

We have pretty good people living in this building. I used to have problems with a guy who likes to get drunk and smoke so much weed you could smell in my place which used to piss me off, but he's been pretty good lately. He once got so drunk he forgot his keys and kept knocking on my window to let him in (I live in a basement apartment), yelling in my window as well, scaring my guests. I warned him not to do that, but he kept it up, so I went outside and gave him a few shots in the head, knocked him to the ground and he never bugged me again. I actually like him when he is sober and speak to him.

Other than that... it hasn't been bad. Had my niece living in the same building for a few years and got to see her daughter at my window all the time which was fun. They moved and I sort of miss that. I would watch for her daughter when she came home from school at my window to make sure she was safe. Watched her grow from a tiny little girl to a teen. Man, I tell ya, time sure flies!

Believe me, you'll be in your 40s before you know it and around that time, the years start to fly by.

Funny, we moved here when we were married 7 or 8 years, and in four days we celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary! Unreal.


I forgot to mention how much I'll be paying a month, which is $500 ($365USD). Motueka (pictured below), isn't exactly a bustling metropolis. It has a population of around 7,000, compared with the 400,000 people where I'm living now, so there are some things I'll need to drive to Nelson (20 minute drive) for if I can't get them here.

The scenery and climate makes up for it though, and I don't need many things so I can get most of them just walking.



Hot damn. That's a Hell of a price to live in paradise. I would probably bite on that if I could get a reliable source of income to support it (though I would definitely miss family being so far away).

I drink a lot (or at least certainly used to) so my memory isn't so good. Didn't you have to evacuate from NZ a few years back due to natural disaster? Is that why the price is so low? :P Is everything getting back to normal in NZ now?


Very nice LennyLen. I don't blame you.

bamccaig said:

Didn't you have to evacuate from NZ a few years back due to natural disaster? Is that why the price is so low? :P Is everything getting back to normal in NZ now?

I had to leave the city I'm currently in due to a series of major earthquakes. The population is slowly creeping back to where it was pre-quakes but there's still a lot of construction and repairs going on, and will be for some time. There are now more bars and restaurants than there were before the quakes though, so if you're into that sort of work there's plenty of employment (I'm out of it now, so there's one less person you have to compete with. There are a fair amount of programming jobs for a country our size. The technology sector is growing as it's an area where geographical isolation no longer means much.

The area I'm moving to wasn't affected by the quakes, but it's mostly a tourism and fruit growing area.

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