Cannot compile allegro 4.4 on Windows 64 : libjpgalleg undefined reference

I am trying to compile a version of allegro 4.4 considering that all the alleg44.dll I have are for the 32 bit version and I get the following error message during the cmake process:

[ 87%] Linking C executable dat.exe
../lib/libjpgalleg.a(decode.c.obj):decode.c:(.text+0x10e5): undefined reference
to `get_value'

Does anybody have an idea why it does that?

Is jpgalleg not supposed to have been integrated in allegro 4.4?


I checked the lib folder and I found that the libraries file seems to be there because it's only the linking of dat.exe that failed. Here is the listing of the lib folder:

16/01/2018  09:36 PM    <DIR>          ..
16/01/2018  09:35 PM         1,036,547 alleg44.dll
16/01/2018  09:36 PM           150,738 libaldat.a
16/01/2018  09:35 PM         1,347,672 liballeg44.dll.a
16/01/2018  09:35 PM           514,332 liballeggl.a
16/01/2018  09:35 PM            49,986 libjpgalleg.a

I somehow got the file I wanted (alleg44.dll), but still it should be fun to know why the linking of dat.exe failed.

Edgar Reynaldo

I think this was fixed in GIT, by Trent, at some other point.

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