New game I made Capital City

Hi everyone

Here is a story adventure game called capital city.
I made it with allegro and lua I programmed it in c

you can download it on my gamejolt page

below is a youtube video I did for it

Happy New year
hope you guys like the game if you try it

edit: the youtube video link
(i tried embedding it but not sure if it worked


Chris Katko

Wow! Great work! I just watched the trailer I'll try downloading when I can later.


Nice to see a game made with Allegro. Perhaps you could also make a Linux version for people like me who don't have Windows. Or better, consider releasing the sources of the game under an open source license if you're not planning to sell it.

Eric Johnson

Nicely done! I got it working on Linux using Wine. I've only played a little bit so far, but I'm having fun! Thanks for sharing!

beoran said:

Perhaps you could also make a Linux version for people like me who don't have Windows.

Have you tried running it through Wine, beoran? wine ./Capital\ City.exe


Beoran attached is the source file

All the data for each chapter is in a lua file that is why source isn't that big

I used allegro 4.4 and lua5.1 for libraries


Thanks for posting the sources. I will try to make a Linux version but it might take a while...


Tried it. I liked the sound effects, and in general it seemed to hit all the right 90's adventure game notes gameplay-wise. I didn't get very far though... got stuck in chapter 2.


Making a game is a huge accomplishment. I've never done it. For that I am envious. :)

I've spent a little time trying to build it for Linux, but have had little success. It would help if you specified which version of Lua and Allegro you used (it appears Allegro 4, so I don't think it matters which version, but it wouldn't hurt to know).


It was written in allegro 4.4 and lua 5.1

If you want game to load with all the chapters unlocked
enter and replace secret(#) with secret(25622) in lua file last_save.lua


Thanks. I think I got it running.

1CFLAGS = $$(allegro-config --cflags) $$(pkg-config --cflags lua51) 2LIBS = -lm $$(allegro-config --libs) $$(pkg-config --libs lua51) 3 4all: a.out 5 6a.out: 7 $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -Wno-all main.c $(LIBS)

( eats tab characters so be sure to restore the tab on the last line)

It seems to use a non-standard function strset so I threw this together. You'd need to copy/paste that into main.c for Linux probably (or otherwise compile and link it).

char * strset(char * s, char c) {
    int i;

    for(i=0; i<strlen(s); i++) {
        s[i] = c;

    return s;

This code produces a lot of warnings from GCC so I suppressed most of them so I could see what was happening. Nevertheless, it's quite concerning. :P

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