Global Game Jam

Is anyone taking part in the Global Game Jam this year?

And planning to use Allegro?

Myself I'll be gone half of Saturday so I guess I'll skip this year, even though Columbus happens to have a nice space and right next to my office. But in my experience Saturday morning is the make-or-break period for each team and that's when I would be missing - so assuming I'd be the only coder and using Allegro - just wouldn't work.

Unless maybe I'll sign up but form a solo team... even if that's a bit against the spirit.

Mark Oates

I hope I get myself to do it this year. I think the trick would be to get a team, maybe pixel artist and an audio guy. I’m always trying to do these things myself. :-[

Specter Phoenix

Nope, I've sworn off game jams due to personal life never giving me any time to actually code anything for them.


Not this year, but after doing TINS back in October, I'd like to eventually do a Global Game Jam. Adding it to the bucket list. ;)

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