Small Lighting Demo
Aaron Bolyard


I've been working on a silly little toy. I made a lighting demo.

Here's a screenshot:


Here's a GIF (I don't know if it will work):


(Here's a direct link:

There's an 'ambient' light in the middle of the area and a light in the lower-right hand corner.

It should run just fine. I've tested it on FreeBSD via Wine and Windows 10. It may work on Linux without Wine, but I don't know how Mono works on Linux. I included the so files anyway.

I'm looking for general feedback about how it looks. Pay attention to the lighting on the little knight. When he rotates, it's not a simple flip...

This demo shows off: 1) lighting 2) procedural terrain 3) vector graphics. There's also an entity-component-system (for rendering and updating), a simple controller system, and collision detection, but those aren't exactly visible. Pretty neat for a couple weeks of work, I think.

Download link (or click the paperclip [or do nothing, your choice]). Run 'Dormouse.Lacklore.exe' I suppose.


Eric Johnson

I'm impressed! :o The way the lighting "bleeds" onto the character looks really nice. The graphics in general look quite nice and reminds me of Paper Mario (what with how the character rotates and all). Well done!

Edit: It ran without issue on Linux using Wine, by the way.

Aaron Bolyard

Thank you! I'm going for a Paper Mario aesthetic. The game is going to be about a book that has the ability to shape the world...

Did you notice the shadows on the knight moving around?

See the shadows are on the left when a light is to the right:


And vice versa:


It's not that noticeable but I think it's pretty neat.

Eric Johnson

Oh, I didn't even notice! The subtle details are always the best. ;)

I look forward to seeing the finished product someday!

Bruce Perry

I noticed, but only after you said it was a lighting demo :)

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