[TINS 2017, unofficial entry] Dr. Von Chicken Pox
Edgar Reynaldo

Hi people.

It took me two weeks but I have a playable prototype of my TINS entry, Dr. Von Chicken Pox.


Included is a static binary with all resources necessary. Instructions are included in the game. Cursor keys, and hexadecimal digits are accepted. Scroll the story with arrow keys. Enter to submit a guess for the current puzzle.

If you like pointers and debugging this game is for you. The story is only loosely based on a doctor and his health, there's not really any morphing, and nobody dances during a pause screen. But its playable, and maybe some of you will get a little value out of it.

Download here :


If you want to build it on Linux you need CB, GCC, Eagle5, and Allegro 5. Never tried to build it on OSX.

Source can be found in my Eagle5 repository. No cheating!


Eric Johnson

First impressions: I like the intro (the moving text and lightning was all very cool). I finished the first question easily, but they're a bit harder as it goes on. I'm playing on Linux using WINE, by the way. I haven't finished it all yet, but I like it so far, so well done!

Edgar Reynaldo

Press H for a hint if there are any more. Thanks for playing! ;)

I was originally going to make it more of a 'mastermind' puzzle where it gives you hints based on how many characters are right, etc... but I thought it would be enough with the hint and the solution in pill format.

Bruce Perry

Fun :)

Actual spoiler inside a spoiler tag (who'd have thought):

There's a really nasty trick question in there though :P

A few nitpicks:

  • Intro text goes by a bit too fast for me

  • Font is hard to read (for example the squareness of the 'o' made me read 'decode' as 'decade')

  • Timer seems to count minutes and seconds but claims to be counting hours and minutes

Now having looked at the code, one thought I have is: Eagle seems to include a thin C++ wrapper for much of Allegro 5. May I ask why? Allegro 5 is already a wrapper for some underlying APIs. You can add some RAII functionality I suppose - is that the reason? But there are thinner ways to get that (std ptr types with custom deallocators or something like that). I'm just thinking you may have lost time there, not necessarily during the competition but at some point.

Edgar Reynaldo

Eagle is meant to abstract all of allegro 5 through a backend driver. That allows me to write a comparative SDL or SFML driver as I get to it. The whole problem with Eagle 4 was that it depended entirely on Allegro 4, which was dead, and I needed to change that for the future. Eagle and the EagleA5 backend are completely separate libraries, for a reason. The whole purpose of Eagle was to make it easier and faster to work with Allegro, without all the endless setup and engine writing that goes along with writing a program with Allegro.

As for TINS, if you press the up and down keys , the story will stop scrolling and follow the arrow keys. After a short while it will resume. You can also press S in game to see the story again. I should have mentioned that. H for hints!!!

The timer is not a mistake. You're supposed to have 24 "hours" to cure Dr. Pox's malady, but it's really 24 minutes, because why would you play my game for 24 hours straight? If you know all the answers, it takes about a minute. The timer also changes color over time.

If you're having trouble with the one that says "I do not", here's helpful clue :

' ' (space) is also a valid character, and it forms a sentence

Try to use the pattern of the pills as a clue to the word itself.

Akashi.ttf was the best font I could find on short notice.

I wanted to add more to the gameplay, but I got tired of hacking away at this.

I fixed the linux build so there isn't a blank screen anymore. I tried to make static linux binaries but ldd says it depends on all kinds of things, including allegro_monolith, so... (get it?).

But that means it builds perfectly on Linux now if you want to try. All you need to do is clone eagle and open the EagleOnLinux workspace file in CB and hit rebuild workspace (you need allegro installed).

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