Unofficial Allegro 5.2.3 MinGW-W64 GCC 7.1 binaries
Edgar Reynaldo

I updated my binaries for Allegro 5 to version 5.2.3.

To use them, you need the MinGW compiler I used :

Download the binaries here :


The distro comes with freetype, png, zlib, physfs, ogg, vorbis, theora, enet and flac. DUMB support was not compiled in, as it seemed incompatible (will look into it).

There is a standard lib, include, bin, and doc folders in the archive. All headers and import libraries necessary to develop with allegro or its dependencies are included. CHM docs for Allegro 5 are included as well. Get them here separately :

All the examples and demos and tests are included as well in the bin sub folders. Run the batch file in the root of the archive to set up an environment capable of running the examples. Otherwise you have to copy all the dlls yourself.

Todd Cope

DUMB support was not compiled in, as it seemed incompatible

What compatibility issue were you having? There's an issue with MinGW32 and DUMB 2.0 where it crashes if you execute DUMB code from a thread other than the main thread (which the Allegro audio codec add-on does). The crash happens on the new SSE resampling code. I was able to work around the issue by disabling SSE support in the DUMB build. I haven't gotten around to setting up MinGW-W64 to see if the issue also happens with that compiler.

Edgar Reynaldo

cmake barfed on the dumb version I was using. I'll try recompiling DUMB and then maybe I'll put out a fresh batch.

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