[TINS 2017] Dr Havoc Shitfan
Bruce Perry

Introducing my TINS 2017 entry, Dr Havoc Shitfan. Sorry about the name.

You are a doctor and you are supposed to treat the patients.



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Bruce Perry

Not a meme I was familiar with ;D

My score is 743:


I'm pretty sure it should be possible to beat it ;)


I love the music! I actually spent some time on the title screen just listening to it before I started the game.

Next I had to look up some medical terms... then I tried my best to cure all the patients... but then suddenly horrific things started happening :o




Boy, are they glad they got a reference to a good GP!

Bruce Perry

Elias, you're the winner so far, and I love the way you described your experience :) Did you make sense of all the medical terms in the end?

I'll hold off giving cookies in case anyone else wants to post. I say this because I myself am only now getting around to trying the other entries...

Eric Johnson

Nice entry! I like the music and graphics. I'm not familiar with most of the medical terms, so I scored poorly. I like the animations--especially when the patients sneeze. I ended up giving everyone laxatives to see what would happen, and that's when the game lived up to its name--shit everywhere. ;D The shit even caught fire at one point (must have eaten some spicy Mexican food). :o


Bruce Perry

Thank you :)

The medicines and ailments generally come in opposites. Each ailment has a medicine that will make it better and another that will make it worse.

An antipyretic is an anti-fever medicine. For the game, I chose 'propyretic' for the opposite (for curing chills); there seemed to be a brand name 'Propyretic' which isn't related, but I couldn't find a better name.

Laxatives and binders probably need no explanation, but just in case, they cure constipation and diarrhoea respectively.

Antiblobotics is my take on antibiotics, for curing (bacterial) infections. I did it because my brother once came home from school and told us that because biology was the study of blobs, there were five words for biology: biology, blobology, bloblobogy, bloblobloby and bloblobloblob. It stuck with me because it was so funny. You'll see in amarillion's gif that he got someone so infected that that person actually turned into a blob. (If the gif appears a funny size/shape, you can open the image directly in a new tab and then it looks correct. I assume it's an allegro.cc image header parsing bug or something.)

Problobotics are the opposite and are the silly weapon: who ever wants a medication that creates an infection? There is no opposite ailment for infections that it could cure. In hindsight I suppose I could have played with the idea of limited gut flora, but it's tenuous and wouldn't have been very intuitive. Of course, probiotics do exist in the real word and do help with gut flora, but they don't cause infections.

You can use maximally feverish patients to start fires, but there's also a spontaneous combustion rule in there for the case where there is just too much diarrhoea in the system - to protect the game against unbounded growth and the performance issues that would cause.


I could use some help building this on OSX.

I have:

I'm not sure what I need to do from here to be able to build your application.

Bruce Perry

Did you find the instructions in the Dr Havoc Shitfan readme? Do they help, or does something need clarification?


Yes, I got past this part in the readme: "Follow SiegeLord's instructions to get up and running."

I was at "You'll probably need to generate D-format 'lib' files that map on to Allegro's DLLs, in addition to dallegro5.lib which has no corresponding DLL. You might also need other D dependencies."

I only had 30 minutes so I was just going to see how far I could get. I've got ideas of what I need to do next based on the instructions, but didn't have time to really vet them.

Will I eventually get to a point where I run make on a makefile or some shell program? I've never used D before.

Chris Katko
Onewing said:

I've never used D before.

It's amazing. It's basically just like C++, but just not run by highschool dropouts on a committee. Compiling is 99% the same. Code is the 99% the same.

- Install a D compiler (I use LDC which is based on LLVM)
- Compile DAllegro from Siegelord
- Program in D with Allegro 99% like you would the C version.

I strongly encourage anyone to spend a day playing around with it. I actually enjoy programming in it much more, because there's much less boilerplate code. No more header guards. (Uses modules.) You can list a function anywhere in a document (no more "has to be above" or forward declarations). Direct support for multi-dimensional arrays. (No more nested template insanity or obscure template messages for simple problems.) The list goes on. (Built in array slicing, unit testing, compile-time evaluated functions, etc) And all from a 99% C/C++ syntax so it's very familiar on the eyes.

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