Clipping rectangle and text in allegro5


I'm writing a GUI using allegro 5. When composed, I iterate for all widgets from child to parents and call drawing routines for each, so this way I ensure the foreground widget is draw the last.

To avoid drawing outside their parent, each child widget, and before drawing it, sets a clipping rectangle with the dimensions of their parent with al_set_clipping_rectangle. This is working fine except for the text widget, as I can see all the text when a fraction of widget is presented (I suppose text don't support half drawing and is just a draw or not draw solution).

Can you give a hint to resolve this issue? (I was thinking in drawing text to a bitmap and clip this bitmap, but I think this would be expensive, maybe I'm wrong).

Also, I don't want to do checks in each child to test his position if possible, and I like the method of simple clipping away the widgets outside his parent.

Thank you in advance


I am surprised that it doesn't work, I also thought clipping works with the text output functions.Do you use a bitmap font or a TTF font? Do you have some code demonstrating the issue? Otherwise I will investigate myself later.



I'm using TTF fonts, the code I have is a bit huge, but here I left the relevant parts:

The drawing routine calls this code recursively over each widget, from the background widget to the top.

1al_set_clipping_rectangle(widget->parent->x - mk_dpi(2), 2 widget->parent->y - mk_dpi(2), 3 widget->parent->width + mk_dpi(2), 4 widget->parent->height + mk_dpi(2)); 5 // Clipping rectangle. All draws outside this rectangle are 6 // ignored 7 } 8 widget->f.draw(widget, NULL); 9 al_reset_clipping_rectangle();

The draw code for text is simply:

1if (widget->p.text.text) { 2 al_draw_multiline_text(widget->root->p.root.ctx->asset.gui_font, 3 widget->style->foreground, widget->x, widget->y, 4 widget->width, 0, 0, widget->p.text.text); 5 }

The widget text is always nested to another widgets like buttons or text labels but I think it's not relevant.

This is a huge grid of tilemaps (stolen from another game for testing purpose only), when all the widget is clipped the text don't appear.


But when the right widgets start to draw the text appear without clipping in the window (the rectangle in the middle of screen)



TTF fonts are drawn using al_draw_bitmap, so there is no reason clipping would work any differently.

I can try myself later - but if you create a minimal example, can you reproduce this behavior? E.g. just add a clipping rectangle to the ex_ttf example.


Humm you are right, the clipping is working fine in a simple example, sorry for no test this first, but it's seems I made some mistake calculating the clipping rectangle :/

I will investigate on this, and come here if I need more help.

Thanks you all for your help.


It looks the mk_dpi function is not correct, and so the clipping rectangle is miscalculated bigger than expected. You can debug this visually by drawing the clipping rectangle with al_draw_rectangle before setting it.

And don't worry about asking, we all get stuck at times and we all can use some help, at times. 😎


What is mk_dpi? I see you are adjusting the position by mk_dpi, but why are you also adjusting the width and height?


Hello, I finally manage to solve the issue, I was miscalculating the clipping rectangle only in some cases, and I almost go crazy finding the issue, but now is working (Maybe I need to open another tread with performance issues).

mk_dpi is a function returning a DPI scale, so for example mk_dpi(1) return 1 when no scale, but return 4 id DPI is set to 4. I need this to scale all GUI drawing to high DPI screens.


Thank you for your help.

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