So... is A.CC going down often the last few days? Or is it just my DNS/internet?
Chris Katko

Because I can access most sites just fine.


It's been working fine for me the past couple days, but I rarely check it more than two or three times per day.


I caught it SLOW one day. And when I say slow, the type of slow I'm amazed a connection timeout didn't occur somewhere.

Edgar Reynaldo

The login page is borked. And it's been super slow. Ping's timed out.

Eric Johnson

It's not just you; it was down for me today for me today as well.

Mark Oates

A couple times it's been slow af. Last night when I tried to load it was also slow.

Maybe it's too many people loading Thread locks too soon


Yes, very slow...


Seemed to be down for a while yesterday.


Yes, yesterday it was excessively slow. Perhaps a DOS attack? I hope it has been resolved. Our gracious host should be able to explain.

Bruce Perry

It gave me 'Connection refused' when I submitted a post. It was then down for a while. About an hour later I found the post, timestamped when I first submitted it. Just in case that helps.

Chris Katko

I've had at least 2-3 hour periods today of no response, no ping. But I think ping is disabled.

I was going to add to my previous post and it just lagged out after I posted.

I wonder if it is related to the thread length. :o

Specter Phoenix

Yeah, I've been having issues too, but since I have other sites I can go to I don't stress too much over it.


I don't worry about - but is working for anyone?

Eric Johnson
Elias said:

I don't worry about - but is working for anyone?

TINS comes up with a "Service Unavailable" message. :(


It was down for me (and alledos) today. Maybe ML has scaled back the hosting resources to save monies? :P


TINS site should be working! At least it is for me... It's possible you just caught me during the 5 minutes I was doing some server maintenance.

Also make sure it's properly redirecting you to (secure)


The TINS site is working for me again. At the time, I too was getting a 503.

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