Allegro 5.2.3 released!

Woohoo! It's been a little while since we released Allegro! This release as always was made possible by the hard efforts of our many amazing contributors, some new and some old. Many bugs were squashed, and many features were added. One particular feature I want to highlight is the new Android build system courtesy of Elias, which makes compiling Allegro for Android a cinch!

You can grab the source archives and MinGW packages here. The MinGW dependency packages have been updated to the newest versions of dependencies (not libwebp yet though), and I've tried to make the archive naming scheme be more useful.

MSVC packages are available on Nuget, and Ubuntu PPA and OSX homebrew will be updated in the coming days.


Changes from 5.2.2 to 5.2.3 (October 2017)

The main developers this time were: Elias Pschernig, SiegeLord, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, Vitaliy V. Tokarev, Simon Naarmann, Bruno FĂ©lix Rezende Ribeiro, Trent Gamblin.


  • Add al_path_ustr (Bruce Pascoe).

  • Handle NULL sections more gracefully with the config API.

  • Add missing glStencilMaskSeparate prototype (Aaron Bolyard).

  • Add al_clear_keyboard_state.

  • Don't add blank lines before config sections when writing them out.

  • Fix fs_stdio_read_directory appending an extra slash.

  • Fix al_set_window_constraints when the flag ALLEGRO_MAXIMIZED is set.

  • Fix al_set_clipping_rectangle when out-of-bounds (Bruce Pascoe).

  • Enable blocked locking of S3TC formats unconditionally.

Raspberry Pi port

  • Set default file interface when attempting to read /boot/config.txt.

Android port

  • Replace the old build system that used deprecated tools with a new Gradle-based system.

  • Work around crashes on some Androids when an FBO is bound during egl_SwapBuffers.

  • Fix LocalRef leak when opening files using APK interface.

  • Remove -Wno-psabi switches from Toolchain-android.cmake.

Linux port

  • Make three finger salute and LED toggle configurable.

  • Fix KEY_CHAR events under X11 with compose key enabled.

  • Fix clearing the ALLEGRO_MAXIMIZED flag under X11.

  • Add al_x_set_initial_icon.

  • Free wm_hints in set_initial_icon.

  • Read Allegro system config from ~/.allegro5rc on Unix.

Windows port

  • Make bitmap contents persist again after device loss.

  • Add large file support for MSVC.

  • Only test cooperative lavel if device is known to be lost.

  • Don't leak the D3DEffect when attaching multiple sources.

  • Fix al_get_monitor_info (Tobias Scheuer).

OSX port

  • Various fixes for OSX 10.6.

  • Fix some Bluetooth mice on OS X (Tom Bass).

  • Fixed deprecation warning when starting OSX console app (Tom Bass).

  • Fix OSX magic main with the LTO switch (Evert Glebbeek).

Audio addon

  • Allow setting the buffer size for ALSA.

  • Don't apply gain twice for sample instances and streams when pan is not ALLEGRO_PAN_NONE.

  • Disallow attaching mixers with different channel configurations.

  • Add al_set_sample_instance_channel_matrix and al_set_audio_stream_channel_matrix.

  • Don't free the extra pointer in DirectSound if voice fails to play for some reason.

  • Add al_lock_sample_id and al_unlock_sample_id.

  • For OpenAL, detach from buffers before deleting.

  • Return true when seeking mod audio streams.

Acodec addon

  • Free audio stream buffer in flac_stream_close.

  • Add DUMB 2.0 support.

Color addon

  • Add XYZ, xyY, Lab and LCH color spaces.

  • Remove "purwablue" named color, add "rebeccablue".

Native dialog addon

  • Improve save dialogs under GTK driver.

  • Improved path behavior in GTK native file dialog ([bk]door.maus).

  • Enable ALLEGRO_FILECHOOSER_FOLDER On Linux (Todd Cope).

  • Use unique ids to identify menu items internally, fixing their event sources.

  • Make the native message box return 2 on Windows when cancel is pressed.

Image addon

  • Set compression level to Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION in png saver by default.

  • Make PNG, JPEG compression level configurable.

  • Make PNG gamma value configurable.

  • Add WebP support with libwebp.

Video addon

  • Allow calling al_init_video_addon after al_shutdown_video_addon was called.

Build system

  • Detect and link optional FreeType dependencies.

  • Add a CMake option to prefer static dependencies.

  • Fix SDL platform build.

Python binding

  • Fix some corrupted regexps in the generation script (verderten).


  • Lots of improvements as usual (Edgar Reynaldo, Mark Oates, twobit).


  • Fix various issues with ex_curl.

  • Fix memory leak in ex_audio_simple (Rm Beer).


82f80dc62afb09d68b4c01e7d070cdcc0d774954f93d2dab222744b6899c8324  allegro-
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5a4d40601899492b697ad5cfdf11d8265fe554036a2c912c86a6e6d23001f905  allegro-
f99046c3617d15a5edaaaa544dd483adc9d2510b16b6f33af4b8019a61bdc632  Allegro.
b071150075acc0ae4acd6c80c94f15ae880bbedd7ce4455e0529677777d9dcfb  AllegroDeps.
092ae18cddd57956cc655ae2779833824551d6eeb63147ba253c1a32b27de4bd  AllegroDeps.


Awesome, congrats all! I appreciate all your efforts to keep this framework going!


Congrats on the stable release!

It's an honor to be listed among the main devs for connecting the wires between Allegro 5 and DUMB 2.0. I've learned a lot and contributed to both libraries along the way.

-- Simon

Edgar Reynaldo

Hey SiegeLord, thanks for your hard work. ;)

In the dependencies, did you happen to fix physfs? There's a bug in physfs 2.0.3 that makes files in archives not load properly. I have a patch from a mailing list that fixes this if you need it.

There's also a bug in libtheora, but that only affects building theora's encoder_example.c .

By the way, could we get download links to the compiler versions you used to build allegro and the dependencies?

SiegeLord, here's the patch for physfs 2.0.3. Don't know if this was fixed in 3.0.0 or not.


Eric Johnson

Wow, great job on the release! :D


EDIT: Nevermind, they no longer use zlib, so they don't have the bug anymore, so it's all fixed on their end. Just need to update.

Looks like PhysFS 3.0.0 does not include the fix... unfortunate. But there was a bit of activity around it recently, so perhaps it can be sent in. Either way, maybe I'll patch it in soonish.


Awesome, nice work!

Neuton Mouse

Awesome, great work! :)
Thank you for effort towards this amazing library!

If you don't mind, I think it would be nice for audio addon to have tempo change speed functionality in near future.

We have the "al_set_sample_instance_speed" which is altering pitch and tempo at the same time. It could be divided into 3 different functions (pitch, tempo and this speed function).

To understand what i'm talking about you have to open Audacity and some sound to work with. Play with "Change Pitch/Speed/Tempo" functions under "Effects" menu on the sound.

Chris Katko

What are current changes / needs / milestones that people can help with to continue development?

Any addons? Modules? etc

I've considered writing a RawAPI driver for multiple mouse/keyboards in the past. I'd like to do a full API that decouples effectors (inputs) from their actions and allow changing things like applying function curves (change linear input to exponential or vice-versa), debouncing, etc. But that's a much bigger project and might be an external library that allows linking to Allegro (and other libs).

I use DAlleg. Anything added or tested you need with that, Siegelord?

Edgar Reynaldo

Chris Katko, see the mailing list for a small discussion of Multi mice/keyboard support. Basically you use the RawInput API on Windows and monitor all the HID devices attached. I wrote a program that does this, called ManyMouse, which you can view here :


There was an issue with the Nuget packages, and I patched the PhysFS bug, so the windows packages were correspondingly updated.

If you don't mind, I think it would be nice for audio addon to have tempo change speed functionality in near future.

This is actually a pretty complex algorithm, while the simple speed manipulation is pretty trivial. I don't know if it can be done in a streaming fashion. Besides this, we'd need to figure out some API for this.

What are current changes / needs / milestones that people can help with to continue development?

In general, reducing the number of issues is something we work on,, we have a number of issues tagged 'Easy'. Overall, the input system could use a bit of work: on Windows we don't properly support IME, and on Linux we're not quite doing the right thing ( Also joystick support really could use a rework across all platforms. There are quite a few other longstanding issues as well.


Am I required to compile something with that latest version? Lately, I'm trying to learn about timer in this version but it crash. As well as for the font.

Edgar Reynaldo

ajsuson, post a new thread with your source code and the problem and we'll work on it.

I may compile binaries, don't know yet, probably will at some point.


By the way, could we get download links to the compiler versions you used to build allegro and the dependencies?

I just use whatever MSYS2 provides. The filenames for the binaries should contain all the necessary information, I think.


Good work, I'm almost afraid to try it. ;)

Todd Cope

If you don't mind, I think it would be nice for audio addon to have tempo change speed functionality in near future.

You can use Rubber Band for this. I use it in one of my projects.


If you build rubberband from source, make sure to use link time optimization. It GREATLY improves the library's performance.


For those rare jalleg users on Win64 I've released a new version of with the 64bit Windows runtime that I got from

jalleg binding library version is the same, only if you want to pull in a pre-built JAR that unpacks the DLL for you, you can use newer jalleg-rt. It'll be a couple of hours before the artifacts hit Maven Central.

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