Brutalo Deluxe 2 Version 3.10 Released
Frank Drebin

Hi guys,

not even one month has passed yet comes another update of Brutalo Deluxe 2. In this release the grenade launcher was added and a simple depth effect for maps was implemented.


Currently I am working on a map editor - in the meantime you can refer to the Custom Maps HowTo if you want to create your own maps (don't forget to share).

As always Windows and Linux binaries are available ;D

Eric Johnson

Thanks for sharing! The grenade launcher is great fun. I look forward to the map editor. :)

Suggestion: be able to exit the game by clicking on the "X" button on the game's window. At least for me using Ubuntu 16.04, the Linux build doesn't do anything if I try to close the window itself.


Looks a lot like Soldat.

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