Topics look empty

I was going to look at the Depot and the Game Design sections and they are empty or close to it. I can see the last thread under Game Design if I click on the recent link to the right of the screen. If I click on the topic, it says there is nothing in it.

I haven't checked under Depot lately but last time it wasn't much different.

Is this something I'm doing or are they being emptied out? I've recently finished a game and wanted to see if it was anything worth posting as compared to.



The owner of this forum has implemented custom forum software and he likes to keep a really tight ship. Threads without activity are locked soon, and then disappear a few days later from the forums. You can still find them back with the search function or if you have a direct link.

It's a rather severe system, and some topics tend to stay empty because of this, but it keeps the forums squeeky clean.


Thx for the heads up.


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